What exactly is Copywriting and why is it so important

Have you ever landed on someone’s page and just been so inspired by what they were saying that a few minutes later you were clicking that checkout button and walking away with their product or online service? That, dear reader, is thanks to the power of effective copywriting.

Copywriting refers to the art or the process of crafting text intended to persuade the reader to take action. It’s a persuasive marketing art and is used on websites, in email marketing, for advertising, brochures, and essentially anything that serves the purpose of selling something, will need effective copy.

This differs to content writing in that this serves the purpose of entertaining, informing or educating the reader and includes such written pieces as blog posts and articles.

Let me share with you why you absolutely need a good dose of both copywriting and content writing to seriously change your online marketing game and to boost your exposure.

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What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter writes copy (defined above) either on a freelance basis under the general umbrella of offering virtual assistant services or some companies and businesses will hire in-house copywriters who focus solely on them and their products.

A copywriter is different to a content writer but often a copywriter will also be using some content writing skills in order to create the perfect balance of written content needed to engage a reader and sell an offer.

So, what’s the actual difference between the two? Content writing tells a story or an experience, it produces blog posts, journal articles and sometimes newsletter content. Copywriting makes a point, it informs, sells a product and always drives an action.

Understanding the basics of copywriting

In the copywriting world you’ll also often hear the words ‘keyword’ and ‘SEO’ and ‘conversion’ in the same conversation. Let me break these down real quick.

A keyword is a single word or short phrase which sums up the general topic of a piece of writing. For example, when you make a search in google, everything that you put in that search bar, from ‘homemade pizza recipes’ to ‘how to get my lightbulb to stop flashing’ are keywords.

Copywriters and content writers use keywords all over the place on websites and in blog posts to increase their chances of being on the first page of google when you press that enter button on your search.

How do we know what keywords to use? That falls under the umbrella of what we call SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is the process involved in making sure that websites and pieces of online content generate sufficient organic traffic (meaning without paid advertising) where it is needed. You can utilise SEO practices on websites and blog posts but also on other platforms such as YouTube (in video titles and descriptions), in Pinterest pins and Twitter tweets and in Instagram hashtags.

What does it mean to have copy that converts on a website?

When your copy is able to get people to click those call to action buttons and book a call with you, subscribe to you or purchase your products or services, that means that you have a high rate of conversion from views to clicks.

Why is it essential to have good copy on your website

Without copy that results in viewers becoming subscribers or customers, then your platform, your website or social media, is not serving you and is not a return on the time, effort or money you put into it.

1. When everything from your headers down to your footers is written in such a way as to attract your target audience, reel them in, hit them right in one of their pain points, you’ll be able to drive home why YOU or your product or service are what they’ve been looking for.

2. The better your copy, the more it converts and the more sales (and money) you’ll be able to make

3. Good copy makes it easy for your user to get from A to B. It makes it easy for people to know which pages will give them the information they want and how to quickly go through the process of checking out or making a booking.

4. Good copy will boost your SEO because it will have plenty of the right keywords and it will increase the odds of people who are searching to find you

5. Good copy is easy to and more likely to be shared and the more it’s shared, the more search engines will want to show you on their first page because they’ll know that you are producing something people want to see.


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