I learnt wordpress web design – so you don’t have to 

Vanilla Vadz helps small businesses and creative individuals design & understand wordpress & squarespace websites 

You could design your website alone, but you don’t have to.

Consider these scenarios real quick?

You’ve created the small, creative business of your dreams (or at least the plans for it) but you have no idea how or no time to dedicate to create a killer website to increase clicks & sales

You set up your dream small, creative business and created a basic website because you knew you needed to have some sort of online presence but now it’s time for a professional revamp

You’ve been wanting to set up your portfolio website to share your work but you aren’t sure how to create a platform that’s representative of you and message you have to share

Does one of the above sound familiar?

Are you a writer, blogger creator, artist, photographer, coach, innovator or someone in a creative niche?

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place!

A customised package just for your creative brand…

What you need is someone who understands the hustle of small business web design and who knows the ins and outs of web design platforms like WordPress & Squarespace.

Someone who will really listen to you and understand your brand identity in order to create an online presence in your unique style and voice.

The ‘0 to 100’ Web Design & Copywriting Package

This package is for :

the small business or individual who doesn’t yet have a website to represent your brand or online presence and needs one done

What’s on offer:

→ Basic Package: Website with 3-4 pages

→ Intermediate Package: Website with 5-6 pages

→ Deluxe Package: Website with 7+ pages

The Revamp Web Design & Copywriting Package

This package is for:

the small business or individual who created a website in order to have a presence but is now in need of a total makeover or a slight revamp

→ You’re not getting enough clicks and need to switch up your copy

→ You want to spice up your theme and design layout

→ There’s a particular feature of your website builder that you can’t seem to figure out

→ Basically, something just isn’t working! Say no more

Services include:

∗ Brand bible creation + finding your online voice
∗ A website design using WordPress or Squarespace, that’s easy to follow and interactive
∗ Copywriting that is true to your unique brand voice
and that is SEO optimised
∗ Set up of mailing list and email management tools
∗ Creation of website graphics in Canva
∗ One hour of WordPress or Squarespace training

I’m familiar with:

Why Vanilla Vadz?

Five years ago, I designed this very blog from scratch using WordPress and have curated, nurtured and created content for it.

For two of those five years, with a bible of SEO, design, strategising, copywriting and content writing tips, tools and knowledge, I’ve worked with online bloggers and businesses like you.

Now it’s YOUR turn! let’s design your dream website, blog or online presence and take your small, creative business to the next level.

Client Testimonials

“Having an online presence was something I felt strongly about but I didn’t know where to start. 

It was an overwhelming task and Vadz came to the rescue, understanding the essence of who I am and translating that into a layout that spoke to me and that I felt aligned with. 

With Vadz, the process was painless and at the end quite enjoyable. I now have a website I love” 

Zourit Solutions – Virtual Assistant 

“Working with Vadz has been integral to the success of my business. 

One of the biggest things I worried about when outsourcing was having somebody else learn my tone, voice, vibrancy and humour. Vadz has excelled in brining my brand to life through her copywirting and creative touch on web design. Giving her my trust was exactly what I needed to scale!

Cannot recommend Vadz highly enough. Thanks Vadz, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Leanne Melody – Content Creator & Social Media Mentor

Let’s work some magic

Unsure about what exactly it is you need? No worries! Let’s book you in on your FREE 1-1 consultation and we’ll get to chatting about your online needs


What is copywriting? All of the text on your website intended to have your audience engage with you and create a result (eg. home page text, landing page text, call to actions etc) is called copy.

How is it different from content writing? Any piece of writing that is sharing a story, conveying information or simply entertaining (eg. blog posts) are classified as content.

I could use a designer, but why can’t I write my own copy? You can! But after 5 years of running a website, there’s information about SEO, conversions, and writing for websites that I can offer you that will improve your results and generate more clicks. If you like to write, all the better! We’ll work together to tweak your words into copy that is sure to sell.

What is a virtual assistant? Think of it this way. If you had a physical office with regular staff, you’d probably have a marketing manager, a content manager, someone who does emails, someone in accounting, someone who does branding, and the list goes on. A VA is someone you hire, who can do any one of those things or all of those things but the difference is they work remotely and are classified as freelancers. If there’s an aspect of your business that isn’t your zone of genius, chances are there’s a VA out there ready to take it off your shoulders.


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