You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your business right? Of course not, this is your life’s work we’re talking about

You need someone to add the little dash of dreaminess and magic to your brand’s online presence that’s been missing

One of two things is happening in your business life right now and correct me if I’m wrong…

You’re a creative at heart and in your industry, you provide unique products and authentic services to your clients.

But here’s the thing, you just don’t have time to do it all! You know what needs to be done, there just aren’t enough hours in the day… OR

Your mind has never been in mood boards, colour schemes and attractive words. Within your business, you thrive in spreadsheets, numbers and data

But now, your business’s online presence needs a little bit of magic and you’re looking for the creative mind to do just that.

… was I right? I knew it!

Here’s what I propose.

You work your magic, I’ll work mine, and together we’ll get your online platform out to audiences and clients who have yet to discover that they need you in their life

These services are charged at an hourly rate and can be combined to meet your specific needs. Or they can be used as a one off service.

Pinterest Content Creation & Account Management

Pinterest is my zone of genius. It is one of the most powerful tools for marketing, due to it’s visual nature and an algorithm different to other apps that are quite difficult to grow on (Looking at you instagram)

After person success, with 100k monthly views on the Vanilla Vadz Pinterest account, I can create the visuals and a management strategy for your brand which will drive audiences straight to your site with a single click.
This involves:

→ Creation of Pinterest pins in Canva
→ Management of your Pinterest account ie creating boards and engaging with other accounts
→ Scheduling posts in Tailwind and joining tribes to boost engagement
→ Monitoring statistics to advise on content creation planning

Email marketing

You’ve probably heard this before, but that’s because it’s true! Emails are one of the best online tools for building and engaging your audience, clients and subscribers to buy what you’re selling.

Emails occupy their own little world, which is why it can be time consuming to learn (and do!) everything on your own. The good thing is, small businesses can create a simple email marketing plan that can be automated and doesn’t have to be complex. I can help with that.
This service involves:

→ Use of Mailchimp or Flodesk for email management
→ Newsletter design and content writing/copywriting
→ Automation of workflows
→ Email list opt in design

Photography services for brand imagery

The words you use on your website and social media are important, but the first thing that your audience sees are the visuals, ie the pictures.

Photography is a passion of mine as a creative. Whether you’re an online content creator, a small business or an online brand, I’d love to work with you to create some visual content perfect for your online platforms.

This service includes:
→ 1-2 hour shoots, full or half day shoots
→ High resolution edited images
→ Generation of creative photo concepts

What sort of images can we create:
→ Solo or team photos (themed or not)
→ Product photography
→ Food & venue imagery (for local restaurants, cafe’s and bars)
→ General stock imagery for instagram and website

** due to the in person nature of this service, it is currently only available in: Seychelles

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