Work with Vadz

Helping OSPs set up & scale their way and become obsessed with high level service.

Work with Vadz

Helping OSPs set up & scale their way and become obsessed with high level service.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Courses & Programmes

The Four Phase VA Roadmap

Ready to hand in your notice and go full time with a high level OSP or VA business?

In this foundational 10 week live programme we’ll set you up with the solid foundations, marketing tools, social media strategies and sales tactics to make hit the ground running and feel confident offering a high level service with offers you love to sell, to clients who are ready to buy.


1:1 Coaching to Master Your Magic

A 4 month high level 1:1 coaching experience for the full time VA/OSP ready to master YOUR unique value, find your unique selling point, nail your messaging, increase your visibility and expand your business with a community that empowers and educates you!

1:1 Coaching (at least with me!) is like having a partner in your business. Together, we’ll brainstorm, streamline, refine, expand, pivot, change, grow, elevate and skyrocket your business success, whatever that means to you.

My role is to help you create a business model that is unique to YOU and that provides irresistible high level offers to your dream clients. 

VIP Intensive Day with Vadz

You deserve to stop winging it and actually have a plan.

This 2 hour intensive is going to help you create just that. This offer is perfect for the newer entrepreneur OR the established OSP ready for a pivot.

Together, we’ll map out a plan of action and dive into your unique IT factor, then we’ll fine tune your irresistible product suite and devise a 90 day actionable plan for your to implement your new, aligned, and inspired goals.

Exclusive Workshops & Classes

Are you ready to INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY with LinkedIn?

If your business isn’t on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on HUGE visibility and a network of opportunities. 

Let’s get this cleared up: Your ideal clients ARE on LinkedIn. Sorry what’s that? Yup! They’re on LinkedIn too.

Dive into this 90 minute masterclass to get rid of any intimidation about LinkedIn and have yourself set up and skyrocketing your business presence as soon as tomorrow.