Tips for University – Everything You Need to Know

Going to University is no small thing. It comes with nerves and anxiety and so many questions about this whole new world that you’re braving. If anyone had given me tips for university life, it still would not have prepared me for what I was diving into but I think I’m confident enough now to share with you a few things that I learnt, a few dos and donts about getting started and some things that you should prepare yourself for.

At first, it’ll seem like a lot. There’s laundry and grocery shopping and essays and classes to attend and societies to join and clubs to dance in and food to eat and clothes to buy and it’s all very overwhelming, to put it mildly. Here’s a snapshot of my tips for starting University.

  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Not everyone you meet will become your friend
  • Stationary and Books
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Plan a budget
  • Get started right away
  • But still have fun & be yourself
  • Get out of your comfort zone: Whether you’ve moved into dorms ( click here for The Glamorous Truth about living in Dorms) or rented a flat (click here for my Moving Out story and flat tour!),  it’s so easy to let your nerves get the better of you. You’ll sit and think that you’re going to wait before engaging in social activities.  Yet you’ll never know how many opportunities you missed out on because you may be a little nervous or apprehensive. There’s that little voice that worries that you aren’t going to meet anyone you like or you’ll just stick out like a sore thumb. One of my biggests tips for university and the most important lesson I’ve learnt, is that it’s so important to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. You need to take the leap, and say hello to everyone you meet, in order to find those people who are going to change your life forever. Just remember that chances are, everyone is just as nervous as you.


  • Not every single person you have an initial connection with is going to become your lifelong friend. The first few weeks of university you’ll be making all these connections and adding everyone on social media, but people will eventually start to move away and slowly you’ll be left with a small group of really good ones. And these are the ones you need to treasure. And you’re allowed to be picky about them. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and who bring out the best in you.


  • Stationary and Books: Be sure to buy all your stationery and books in advance of your classes starting, that way you’re well organised and ready to start making your notes right away. Here are some of my stationary essentials! Click the items to add them to your amazon basket and get ready for the new semester!


  • Fruits and Veggies: When I came to University I discovered the amazing development that is food delivery and it’s so tempting to not go shopping. But it’s so important to eat healthy because, more often than not, we get so busy with classes and studying that we forget to eat and by the time we do, the only thing we have are potatoes . We’re working so much and it’s so important for us to be eating right and giving our bodies the nutrients that they need. So as much as possible try to avoid buying snacks and junk food so that when the time comes around and you feel like snacking, there’s nothing else to eat but something healthy. But by all means, indulge in a pizza party Friday Night.


  • Plan a budget: Do not, under any circumstances, buy that extra pair of boots. You will not need them, no matter how gorgeous they are, no matter how good they make your legs look. Just don’t. More likely than not you will end up spending far too much on entry to clubs and fries after a night out but you need to have your essentials budgetted


  • Start working right away: I know it’s tempting to go out every single night and this is coming from a girl who loves her parties and loves to dance. But coming in at 3am on a Tuesday morning? Maybe I’ll loose some brownie points for this but I couldn’t do it. I’d much rather work my butt off during the week reading and getting stuff done, then I know on the weekend nights I can hit the town like there’s no maňana! It’s important to remain focused on the real reason why you’re here and to develop a balance for your life going forward


  • But still have fun: That being said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make university the best time of your life. Don’t overthink things. It’s ok if you don’t do laundry for a few extra days. It’s ok if sometimes you forget to go to the gym. It’s ok if you get anxious and homesick because I promise you it will pass. Make the most of the city you live in! Explore it’s secrets, eat all its food and travel when you can. Yes, you’re here to get your degree, but you’re also here to learn about life, and about yourself, and you won’t get that with your head stuck in books all the time. So have fun and be true to who you are, because people will love you for that.

Sit back, grab some Oreos, and let’s see what life has to offer us next.



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