How To Create Your Next

Profitable Offer…

… and harness your most confident skillset so that it basically sells itself 🤯

If you want to know how to create an offer for your services that people are dripping to buy and that feels naturally confident and PROFITABLE for you to sell ✨…

Then this is the most exciting page you’ll ever read!

Let Me Ask You a Few Questions…

👉🏼 Are you struggling with how to confidently sell offers to potential leads?

👉🏼 Are people often asking you for discounts or to lower the package for them?

👉🏼 Do you feel triggered when you see other people getting booked out because they’re selling all the time when you’re struggling to get people interested in inquiring about your services?

👉🏼 Did you create your offers by looking at what your competitors were doing or by just doing what a coach told you was “the industry way”?

👉🏼 Do you want an effortless way of creating offers for your services that feels natural to sell and that you are confident to price as a high ticket offer?

Welcome to the club…

I was NOT always confident about sales!

There was a time where I was on 15 (yes, 15!!) networking calls a week, hoping to sell my offers to people I wanted to work with. I got crickets – NADA!

I was spending all my time creating content that I thought was good, getting engagement, starting new conversations, following all the amazing people I wanted to work…

I had being doing EXACTLY what everyone else was doing, and following all the industry advice…

Until one day… it clicked —THAT was the problem!

I had being doing everything so “right” that I had never asked myself “What do I want to do? And what am I really good at?”

It wasn’t until I deeply understood what went into a profitable offer that the sales truly started flowing in.


The Profitable Offer Mini Course

This is a juicy 4 part mini course where you get ALL my secrets to creating offers that harness your most profitable skills and selling them with confidence.

This programme is for online service providers such as virtual assistants, social media managers and DFY experts who already have services to sell but who want to sell in a different, more aligned way 


MODULE 1: Offers & Product Suites

We’re going to analyse the most profitable industry offers  with the goal of dissecting WHY each one works and WHO it really works for + introducing you to the product suite mapping template and auditing your current ideas and offers.

MODULE 2 – Profitable Skills & Transformational Offers

This is all about exploring what YOUR profitable skills really are + understanding your unique ideal clients problems in relation to your solutions + what makes an offer transformational in the eyes of the clients who will want to buy from you.

MODULE 3 – Putting Together YOUR Profitable Product Suite

Get excited! This is where all the theory and activities will come together to reveal the offer that you are meant to sell because it feels most confident, empowering, problem solving and effortless for you to put out into the world.


Now it’s time to SELL! We’re going to explore the PAS formula of sales that will revolutionise the way you talk about your offers and exploring various elements of sales that go hand in hand with your profitable offer, including the right marketing assets for your social media.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL - Bonus Goodies 👇🏼

You didn’t think I would create a course and not give you the templates and resources to along with creating your offers did you? HECK NO! You’re getting it ALL!

BONUS #1: Fillable Product Suite Mapping Template 

You’ll get a fillable product suite mapping template which you can save straight into your files and use right away.

BONUS #2: Product Suite Development & Offer Building Case Study 

You’ll get access to the replay of a live 50 minute 1:1 product suite development and offer building case study from 2021 conducted with one of my clients.

BONUS #3: Fillable Canva Welcome Package template

You’ll get a fully editable welcome kit template to complement your offers and send directly to eager clients.

The Profitable Offer Mini Course



As soon as you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the course as well as all the bonuses immediately redeemable.


You’ll have lifetime access to the course once you purchase. All the modules will be immediately accessible to be watched on-demand from anywhere at any time.

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