The Complete Dictionary of VA Terms, Phrases & Concepts

Here it is! As of right now, say goodbye to feeling like you’re missing out on a piece of the puzzle.

You never have to nod and smile the next time someone says a word that you, as a newbie VA, aren’t familiar with.

All you’ll have to do is pull out your Complete Dictionary of VA Terms, Phrases & Concepts!

I remember when I first started out working as a VA about four years ago as I write this, and I was dying to figure out everything I could about the virtual assistant space.

But I kept coming across all this language I wasn’t familiar with and having to google everything one my one and put the pieces together!

You have been spared that whole experience friend because now, as you navigate through the wild and wonderful, fascinating and enthralling virtual assistant space, you will have access to a single place you can go to to look up those new expressions, words, terms or phrases.

Ready to never be confused as to the words we use on the virtual assisting space again?


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