Going Plastic Free: The Metal Straw Movement

I don’t know about you but gone are the days when I accept plastic straws in my life! Sustainable straws like bamboo straws and metal straws are taking the restaurant and retail world by storm and it’s incredible that we get to be a part of the generation that incites this change.

The Metal Straw Movement

They seem so innocent, these plastic straws that we simply chuck in the trash without a second thought – a concept in our time that has been dubbed as the ‘throw-away culture’. We use those little tubes of death for 5 minutes to consume our beverages, and then we throw them away.

Did you know that plastic straws are the 11th most found trash in the ocean? Plastic is NOT biodegradable.

Biodegrading is when an item can be naturally broken down and digested by micro-organisms, and then naturally recycled into new organic molecules and life. On the other hand, degrading is just the process of breaking down into smaller pieces. When plastic degrades, the bulk of the plastic will seem to disappear – However, what’s really happening is the plastic is breaking into smaller, invisible pieces that will always still be on Earth.

So just because we can’t see it anymore, doesn’t mean the problem stops existing.

Photo by: @plasticfreebabe

The plastic straws that you use and discard end up in landfills or in the oceans. The scariest part of all this is that each year 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic.

How can we, as one of the most intelligent species on the planet, that have used our intelligence to (according to us) put ourselves on top of the food chain, think it’s ok to destroy the very planet that we call home?

It is NOT okay for us to sit and say that it’s easier or more convenient to use single-use plastic because the problem is NOT getting solved! We’re on our way but we’re a long way from the end road. I walk down the streets of London and the amount of litter that I see breaks my heart. It’s not giant piles of litter by the bins that cause materialistic eyesores, but thousands of plastic straws, bottle tops or packaging that have been trampled under thousands of feet and that are ignored because we’re too busy looking at our screens.


How can you join the movement?

It’s so easy! If you buy your metal straw and carry it around with you, it takes up the tiniest place in your bag and I’ll tell you what, people are always super impressed and inspired when they see someone else being involved in the sustainability movement.

Many countries have now introduced plans to ban single-use plastic and that’s a step towards the bright future that our planet needs. I was over the moon when I heard that Seychelles was banning the importing of plastic straws (no joke, I actually leapt up and did a happy dance!) because this is an amazing move towards promoting a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

When you got to a juice bar, restaurant or coffee shop and you see they are giving out plastic straws, ask for your drink without a straw, I assure you everyone will be happy to oblige. Keep your producers accountable for the effect that their production and our consumption has on our environment.

You stop buying = they stop making, the math is simple. Question your local businesses as to why they’re still using single-use plastic and use the voice that you have been given.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect, I don’t live a 100% plastic free life but I do the best that I can because that’s all any of us can hope to do.

The straws I personally use are from Planet Organic. The metal used to make most of these straws is stainless steel, they’re scratch and rust proof, BPA and toxin free and most of them come with a pouch and a cleaning brush that allows you to keep your straws hygienic when you’re carrying them around.

They will last you a lifetime but once that life is up, these babies are completely recyclable and won’t cause any harm to our beautiful environment.



What steps are you taking to live a more sustainable life in the name of protecting our Earth? I’d love to know and learn from you too! Leave me your sustainability tips and opinions in the comments because this debate is one that needs your participation too!




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