My Favourite Travel Apps

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Traveling is being made easier, safer, more convenient and more fun with the wide variety of apps available, only one click away.

Whether it’s to help you find the cheapest accommodation, or a campsite for the night, or just something to play music while on a long roadtrip, if we’re going to have these devices constantly in our hands, we need to make the best positive use of what they have to offer.

And let me tell you, there is an app for everything you need!

Here are my favourite travel apps:

Camping and Road trips

Campermate: This app lays out all the campsites, hostels, bathrooms, showers, public utilities, etc around you. It was an absolute life saver during my road trip in Australia when my travel buddies and I needed to find a quick and convenient place to stay every night

Park4night: Catering to European roadtrips, this app helps you find somewhere to easily park and camp in for the night. It has all the best places mapped out with details about all the services and amenities these stops offer too

Off-line maps/Google maps: Never underestimate the simple Google maps app, which you can use even when you’re off the grid. Plan your route beforehand and download offline maps to make sure you don’t get lost. You can set it to avoid busy city areas, or toll roads and it can map out the shortest route for you

Citymapper: Like google maps, city mapper will also easily help you get to where you need to go

FuelMap: I can’t tell you the amount of times we almost ran out of fuel while driving around Australia. This app let’s you know the stations closest to you and will compare prices of all the stations in the area

GasBuddy: The European app to help you find your nearest fuel station with the cheapest rates

WTForecast: You always want to be aware of the weather when you’re on the road, even if just with a vague idea of what your day is going to be like. This weather forecasting app tells you the weather and then some! Just download it, trust me, it’s hilarious


Hostelworld: THE go to for hostels and cheap accommodation options all over the world. Through this app, you can book months in advance, or you can book the same day. You’re able to see the ratings and comments left by other backpackers and can view pictures of the hostels before deciding which to pick. New to hostel travel? Click here!

Airbnb: Whether you’re traveling in a group and want to book a 6 bedroom house, or just need a single bedroom studio, this app has got accommodation literally everywhere you could want, in all price ranges. People put their homes or properties to rent for short term stays up for grabs and you really have the pick of them all. From cottages in the forest, to beach-houses and treehouses, this app has LITERALLY everything.


Uber: Although it’s not operational everywhere, and although it’s been known to be sketchy in some places, Uber can be cheaper transport than taking public transport and is useful if you’re in a tight pinch

Grab: Only in South East Asia, this service is like Uber but much cheaper

Skyscanner: The app that tracks the best flight deals from all the airlines to give you the cheapest or fastest or most convenient rates to plan your trip

Jack’s Flight Club: Another reliable app that’s also good for finding SUPER cheap flights to worldwide destinations

Trainline: Book your trains with a few clicks on the app. Although this is exclusive to the UK, a lot of countries will have an app on which you can book train tickets and check updates on times and delays

Ubereats : Granted, food delivery is not the cheapest option when you’re traveling and I’m personally all for doing a bulk food shop, but sometimes you just need a pizza delivered to your door, no matter where you are in the world, and Ubereats runs in most places. Similar services are Deliveroo, Just Eats

Music and Chill time

Spotify: This app has everything from music to podcasts, but be sure to have your favourite playlists downloaded well in advance of any plane ride, train journey or long (wifi less) roadtrip. It’s the only app I use these days to listen to my favourite tunes and podcasts

Calm app: This app changed my life with it’s soothing meditations, soundscapes and sleep stories. Being on the. go can be stressful for some and sometimes you just need a time out. This app has daily meditations, peaceful sounds of nature and calming podcasts to help you regroup and come back to yourself

Staying connected

Google translate: Whether it’s to translate directions from a local, a street sign or to figure out how to say ‘how much does it cost’, google translate is the way to go for a quick fix when you don’t speak the local language

Instagram: do not underestimate the power of social media apps like instagram. Not only can you use the app to find inspiration on places to visit and restaurants to eat at, but you can meet fellow travellers in your area. I met some of my best friends on Instagram and would never have known them had I not put myself out there on the app

Duolingo: Superb if you want to learn a few basic words in a native language. I’m currently learning Dutch on Duolingo but they’ve got every language in the world including endangered languages that not many people speak anymore

Whatsapp: I’m sure everyone uses WhatsApp these days but I love it. It helps stay in touch with your family and friends, if only to always have someone know where you are for safety purposes

Eventbrite: Stay updated on your destination with all the concerts, parties, markets, tours and more with the app that has activities galore at your fingertips


Splitwise: When traveling in a group this a great app for splitting costs. It does all the math for you and lets you know exactly how much you owe or you’re owed and by who

Currency converter Plus: You need a currency converter app, that’s all. This is the one I use but you have your pick since there are sooooo many one out there, but it will come in handy.

TripIt: If you’re like your plans and documents to be organised and in one place, then TripIt needs to be on your phone. It allows you to keep all your itineraries, bookings, travel confirmations and more in one place for easy reference. No more forgetting where anything is and worrying about the little things

Did I miss any of your favourite apps that you use when you travel? Let me know in the comments!

Sit back, grab some Oreos and I can’t wait to see what life has to offer us next.





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