What does being a "high level service provider" mean to you?

What does going full time with this business really mean to you?

Making this your full time job, selling to high level clients who can afford the investment in a VA because they know your value, not having to convince anyone they need a VA, scaling to $5k+ months... how about selling with confidence because you know your unique selling point and that you're a non-negotiable service provider in your space?

All of that is possible for YOU Queen, and you don't have to wait for anything to "earn" it.

It's yours RIGHT NOW, with the help of my brand new container...

3 months of deep implimentation, accountability & custom support featuring the key themes of higher level sales, lead generation and customer service.


- Hoping on discovery calls with bigger clients who are ready to work with you no matter the cost

- Being the service provider that your community is always talking about when needing someone who packs a ton of value

- Attracting clients who want to build long terms relationships that support your recurring income goals

- Being able to offer solutions to clients because they trust you to step into the shoes of their business and take the wheel

- Running a business that feels fulfilling both emotionally and in your bank account

- Creating for yourself the type of financial freedom where you don't have to look at your account each time you make a purchase

- Exploring further potential streams of income that allow you to income stack

- Letting go of comparison syndrome because you know what makes you different and you know you have a solution people need


Let me know if this sounds a little too familiar...

You’ve been trying all the things your coaches said you “should” and “shouldn’t” do but you still aren’t booking your clients. You keep ticking things off your checklist, posting at “the right time”, waiting for people to come to you, meanwhile comparison syndrome is creeping up to you because everyone seems to be doing the same thing you are and seeing more results. You can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong and you’re realising you don’t have a…

Customised Strategy

Or maybe you’ve seen some success in your business and the money is getting there… but getting new leads feels HARD because you have to “convince” people to work with you and pay your worth.You’re spending time in DMs convincing (ie begging…) people to work with you which makes it stressful to reach out to more people for fear of more rejections. You’re unsure of the best way for you to add value and…

Close more sales with confidence.

Or maybe you’ve already gone full time and you’re booked out but it doesn’t look like you thought it would. Your mindset still feels a bit of a mess, you’re still not making as much as you thought you would and you get stressed out by thinking of how you’re going to keep this going sustainably. You want a business that flows with ease, that you trust because you know how to hold yourself accountable and you’re implementing…

Next level business strategies.

It doesn't have to be this hard.

Your business should feel rewarding. You should feel confident in your sales, in your growth and in your business.

The thing you're missing, is that you're not thinking like a...



Hi there! I'm Vadz

I’m a high level virtual assistant, web designer and founder of the VA Business Builder’s Academy.

As a VA coach, I support service providers become less obsessed with the financial milestones and more obsessed with high level service. At the beginning of 2017, I started the Vanilla Vadz blog and feel in love with the virtual space. By the time I finished my law degree in 2020, I decided to skip the 9-5 and an inevitable midlife crisis and take my already growing business full time. 

Fast forward to today: 

→ I serve high level clients in 6 countries within the Vanilla Vadz VA team 
→ I continue to work with big thinkers, from Forbes featured bloggers, to consultants, 6 figure coaches and community leaders.
→ I run a matchmaking programme that supports businesses connect with their dream VA from the Academy.
→ We consistently generate $6-10k months within the various pillars of the business. 

While there are many factors that got me here, this is the biggest one. 

Creating a high level business that clients trust and being seen as an expert in my space.

Not only did I do intense work to BELIEVE that I am a high level business owner and service provider and therefore worthy of high level clients… I started creating strategies that were more than just a copy and paste of what was around me and I created structures within my business that made me confident enough to sell and be able to bring these same structures to my clients. 

👇🏼 Are you ready for responses like these in your inbox?👇🏼

👇🏼 Are you ready for responses like these in your inbox?👇🏼

This mini mind is a 3 month intensive programme to support you in:

→ Finding your differentiating factor and USP

→ Feeling confident in your sales and lead generation

→ Holding yourself accountable and building a high level mindset

→ High level support as you take your business full time. 

How do you know if this is right for you? I'm glad you asked!

Most people will continue to attribute their struggles to a lack of knowledge. They blame themselves, their confidence, their business idea, their chosen ‘niche’ and sometimes even the coach who taught them.

If you’ve been investing in countless $100 masterclasses and been given templates galore and told to go off and do X, Y, Z, it’s easy to think the problem is you when it doesn’t work. 

But what they don’t realise is that most of the time, they’re simply lacking and understanding of why we do what we do and how to adapt knowledge to your unique circumstance. 

Sound familiar? 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the programme: 

→ 6 group calls with community support and high level hot seat sessions

→ 6 x 45 minute 1-1 sessions with me

→ Unlimited Voxer support via a group chat AND through my private channel

→ An invitation to any guest speakers who come to speak within the Academy

→ An invitation to join the Academy’s VA Matchmaking Programme

There are 8 spots available in this exclusive, high level programme. 

Of course it’s an investment, but here’s what you should know.

You’re already a high level VA. You don’t need anyone to give you permission to show up as one.

You don’t need more experience, you don’t need one more client to up your prices.

You’re not a high level VA after you get booked out or after you hit your first $5k month.

Right now.

How do I know? Because you worth does not have to be earned, it is inherent in you.

Because people are going to want to work with you for WHO YOU ARE. For the fact that you care about their business and you care about supporting them to reach new heights.

The problem is that people haven’t seen that yet. But they will. When I’m through with you, they’ll see it more than ever before.