How to design an IG puzzle feed in canva

Everyone loves a good aesthetic instagram layout! But it can be time consuming to spend hours matching images, finding the most on brand colours, not to mention creating each individual graphic for that ‘perfect’ look. Not anymore! Let me show you how to create a low maintenance Instagram puzzle feed in Canva.


Gone are the days when perfect feeds are the aspiration, because more and more, people are honing in on the value of being real and authentic on instagram. It’s essential to nurture the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor in order to get an audience to hit that follow button.

The truth remains none the less, that when running social media for a business, whether you’re a virtual assistant or any other virtual business, your ideal clients will want to see the quality of your work, your dedication to branding and a memorable presence when it comes to your page.

A good first impression is everything in a virtual world where attention spans are low. And the best way to appeal to your ideal clients visually and to create a powerful first impression before they even dive into the specifics of your post, is with what we all understand to be an aesthetically pleasing feed.

Here’s how to create a co-ordinated feed in one sitting, 9 to 18 posts all in one go, completely on brand, to create that striking effect with minimum effort!

The tools we used here are of course Canva and the cutting tool is THIS ONE.


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