Vanilla Vadz is a freelance copy & content writer for online magazines, professional bloggers & small creative businesses

Struggling to find the right words? I rarely do, let me help you

My name is Vadrine, but most of the time, I go by Vadz.

I have been a travel and lifestyle writer for coming up to five years, having focused on researching and writing travel and eco conscious lifestyle articles under my personal brand Vanilla Vadz.

While running and writing for Vanilla Vadz and graduating with an LLB from the University of London, I have worked as a Virtual Assistant for full time travel bloggers, social media mentors, podcast hosts, virtual assistants and other creative businesses, running website admin and writing both copy and content for email marketing, blogs and online coaching programmes.

But at the heart of all my work, I am a creative travel and lifestyle writer, having developed a passion for the written word at a very young age and always having had a way with words that allowed me to express myself and get lost in my own imagination.

If you need a ghost writer, content contributor, someone to tweak your email marketing or just some advice from someone who’s good with words, drop me an email and I’d be happy to send you my full portfolio.

Content Contribution for Blogs & Online Magazines

A well written article is a form of art in its own right. The right words can influence change, impact a community, spread hope, real news and of course, the platforms on which these words are shares, generate an income for people simply doing what they’re passionate about.

Whether it’s for a blog or online publication, I would love to chat about your next piece.

Researching and writing in depth travel, and lifestyle articles, features and posts with an angle on intentional, sustainability and eco conscious living is my forté.

Vanilla Vadz Travel Articles

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Email Marketing Copywriting

You’ve probably heard this before, but that’s because it’s true! Emails are one of the best online tools for building and engaging your audience, clients and subscribers to buy what you’re selling.

Emails occupy their own little world, which is why it can be time consuming to learn (and do!) everything on your own. The good thing is, small businesses can create a simple email marketing plan that can be automated and doesn’t have to be complex. I can help with that.
This service involves:

→ Use of Mailchimp or Flodesk for email management
→ Newsletter design and content writing/copywriting
→ Automation of workflows
→ Lead generation brainstorm, copywriting and design using Canva

Copy & Content Writing for Online Courses

You’ve got some truths that the world needs to hear, or a service that you know people need in their lives and now you’re ready to take your next move online and create your online course.

But there’s a lot more to do than you realised!

As a copywriter, my job is to take your words and make them ready for the online world.

As your course copy and content writing, I’ll help you take all those notes and make them online ready, but I can also help:

→ Design your course brand bible
→ Design the course graphics in Canva
→ Launch your course Facebook group
→ Run Pinterest campaigns
→ Run a prelaunch instagram campaign
→ Prepare onboarding emails and sequences

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