Hello friend! I’m so glad you found your way here!

I’m Vadz and this is my little piece of the internet

I was a born and raised an island girl on a tiny dot on the map, known as the Seychelles Islands. Now, fast forward a few years, after many heartbreaks, friendships, buffets, breakdowns and plane tickets, I’m based in the beautiful city of London, where I’m currently pursuing an undergraduate law degree. 


I’ve made it my goal to slowly see more of this beautiful world we live on, to learn more about various ways of life in order to understand the relationships we have amongst ourselves and with the environment.

Whether that’s within the big metropolitan cities of the world, or the beaches and mountains of the rugged outdoors, I aim to share this desire to reconnect to our planet and its people with you through my travel page. So far I’ve been to:

  • Seychelles (my home)
  • Australia
  • Bali
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Dubai
  • France
  • Italy
  • Hong Kong
  • Mauritius
  • Netherlands

Minimalism & Simple Living

I’ve also been practicing a minimalist lifestyle since mid 2018. I’ve embraced the freedom and gratitude that comes with simplifying and detaching oneself from the consumerism that currently plagues our generation. I hope to inspire you to not only get rid of the excess in your life but to prioritize yourself and your experiences/relationships that bring you joy. 

Sustainable Living

I strive to raise awareness of the urgency with which we need to address the environmental issues we currently face that we can all play a part in reducing by implementing some simple sustainable practices in our lives.

Recipes & Food

From an early age, I had a massive love for food, so when I moved out on my own I discovered a passion for cooking and creativity. I embarked on a vegan journey two years ago in order to try out something different, be healthier and more environmentally conscious. It was the most incredible experience that I absolutely love sharing through my super simple vegan recipes.

Although I no longer follow a strict vegan diet, it’s still a lifestyle that’s very dear to my heart.

21st Century Musings

Finally, there are many issues that form part of debates in our time that I’m grateful to have a platform on which to voice my opinions. So you’ll often find me talking about love, relationships, university life & things that I know you and I want AND need to be talking about.

I want to believe that we can find the balance between living modern and progressive life while still respecting and embracing the traditions and values that created the societies of our world, and protecting it for those who will come after us.


You’re welcome to connect with me on Instagram, or Pinterest.

In the meantime, sit back, grab some Oreos and I can’t wait to see what life has to offer us next.



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