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I’m Vadrine, but you can call me Vadz

My Story So Far…

My story began on a tiny dot on the map, on the main island of Mahé in the Seychelles. Growing up an island girl, I’ve always loved the ocean, the sun and sea, good food and always considered myself bit of a nerd who could always be found with her head stuck in a book.

Fast forward a few years, I moved to the beautiful city of London to study for a Bachelor of Laws and I embarked on my very own ‘find myself’ journey.

I quickly discovered that there was plenty in the corporate world that didn’t sit right with me. I found that the ‘traditional’ way of doing things wasn’t sustainable for the earth, and for humanity. While going through a phase of self-doubt, depression and almost dropping out of university, I discovered my love for travel, sustainability, simple living and the wild and wonderful world of online communities.

With the foundation of a Law degree on my back, I knew that I was adamantly going to try and mould my life, my passion and my livelihood along my own rules and in alignment with my truth.

I now help small businesses and aspiring bloggers (as I once was) finally create their dream website. I work with them to understand their brand themes and identity, to bring to life the images and words inside their heads, and turn these into a platform that inspires them to share their products, services or content with their clients and audiences to grow sales, clicks and views.

So, that’s where I’m at, as you sit here reading this dear reader. Now I’ll ask you, what can Vanilla Vadz do for you today?

The Vanilla Vadz Blog

My greatest passion is the written word and the desire to connect with other people and cultures through sharing of the human experience.

That’s why I started my blog in 2017, to share my real human experiences as I attended university in London, embarked on a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle quest and travelled the world to reconnect with myself, nature and the people of the Earth.

Travel Diaries

17 countries and counting

Minimalism & Sustainability

My discovery of minimalism in mid 2018 changed my entire perspective on the world and forced me to slow down in order to make more intentional and eco conscious life choice.

Not only can you get rid of the excess in your life but you can be free to be yourself and choose experiences & relationships that bring you joy.

Popular posts:

University Guides

After graduating with a LLB from the University of London, I’m sharing my experience through university how-to and should-know guides as well as sharing other people’s experience of the life no one can really prepare you for.

Popular posts:

Vegan Recipes

I was vegan for a whole year and I absolutely loved the lifestyle. Now, I consider myself a conscious and intentional eater but I love the dabble in the kitchen so my recipes are intended to help you experiment with something new and healthy.

Popular posts:

Vanilla Vadz Services

Vanilla Vadz helps creative and community driven businesses and individuals build WordPress websites designed to convert and reflect their brand magic

Vanilla Vadz is a freelance copy & content writer for online publications, bloggers, summits, courses and creative and community driven businesses

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