London Vegan – Pt 1

If you’re coming to London, and you’re interested in trying out some culinary vegan masterpieces, then I’ve got you sorted. I don’t think people believe me when I tell them that with most of the vegan food that I’ve eaten, if you didn’t tell someone that they were eating vegan, they’d never know that there wasn’t meat or dairy in what they were eating. These places, some of which I’ve now been to more than once, are to die for and I cannot recommend them more highly.


This place took my veganism virginity. If I needed to be convinced that vegan restaurants were 100% better than regular restaurants, then this place sealed the deal. Their Moto is ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Not only is their decor soooo pleasing and vibrant but the atmosphere is so chilled and comfortable, which I find isn’t often the case with other city restaurants where everyone is super busy and just looking for a quick meal. I think that applies for all the vegan restaurants I’ve been to so far. No-one is in a rush, everyone is there to catch up and chat, and talk about how they just got out of a relationship and are feeling so liberated and alive again or about their upcoming meditation retreats to some exotic mountain range or other (true story). With an amazing selection on their menu, you’ve got to try their Golden Latte, their Earth Bowls, the Calzone is to die for and the signature pancakes are amazing! Please please please let this be your first vegan stop if you’re in London.

Nama Foods

Yes this venue is a little bit out of the way if you’re not in the area, it’s not very central but their pancakes and deserts are well worth it! They’re an all raw foods restaurant which means that the ingredients that they use are unprocessed and for the most part uncooked. The advantage of foods like that are that they are easily digested by our bodies as they’re all natural and therefore our bodies can extract all of the nutrients and vitamins and proteins so much easier. Some vegans follow an all raw foods diet but I don’t think it’s necessary although it’s a question of preference. If you don’t know much about veganism, I think this is the type of food that you would think vegans eat all the time, but if my recipes have done anything, I hope they’ve helped to show that vegans do cook hot meals which are very similar to any meal incorporating meat or dairy. If you do have some time, definitely check this place out, with its cozy atmosphere and I recommend their brunch selection and definitely the blueberry ‘cheesecake’!
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Essence Cuisine

Another completely raw foods spot in Shoreditch, so it’s a bit more central than the previous choice and again, the deserts are to die for! I mean, look at that caramel brownie?! The soup of the day when I went for lunch was a chickpea curry and oH MY GOSSHH you’d think they’re put heaps of fresh cream but nope, all vegan! The atmosphere is very different to the other places I’ve been to, not super warm and cozy but the vibe is more edgy and quirky. Definitely a fun place to pop into if you’re in the area.

Victoria Park Market – Big V London Stall

Just take a second, look at those burgers?! I posted these pictures on my instagram and no-one believed me that they weren’t meat. But I promise they are! Only a 10 minute walk from Mile End, in Victoria Park, every Sunday, this amazing stall props itself and dishes out these masterpieces. Go check it out. Enough said. Also, it’s a lovely walk and such a sweet park which I for one cannot wait to visit when spring decides to role around. You can also find them at a few other spots, check out their website!
I’m having such a good time discovering all of these super fun vegan spots around this beautiful city. Be sure you subscribe in that little box right there on the left so you don’t miss my next vegan adventures. And if you do visit any of these places, or have visited them, how was your experience?

Sit back, grab some Oreos, and let’s see what life has to offer us next.




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