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I wanted to share with you all a blog that I’ve been following since before I even started blogging again.
I’ve never felt that I’ve ever quite been able to put my thoughts about love into words. A part of me always feels like I’m still to young to be able to truly understand, to be able to share because I still have so much to go through. I feel almost guilty because I know that the things that I go through aren’t unique, that everyone goes through them, and that whatever I’m going through, someone is likely going through much worse. But I’ve been in love, I’ve had my heart broken and I have healed, so a part of me wants to be able to say that I understand and that I think I know part of what I’m talking about. I’ve been hurt, I’ve been lost and I’ve been alone, we all have. Spending those nights where you wish you were somewhere else, with someone else and all you want is to scream and fling your hurt and longing heart into the bottom of an ocean, so that it can never been found. If it can’t be found, then maybe, it can’t be hurt again.
My mother always tells me that it takes time, that I shouldn’t be trying to fast forward my life if that’s not the part of the movie I have to be watching yet. You have to watch Cinderella lose her slipper, Sleeping Beauty get pricked, Snow White eat the apple, in order to understand why they get to live happily ever after. But unfortunately, the princesses never taught us what happens when Prince Charming realises that maybe he opened the wrong glass coffin, or fought the wrong dragon.
If you’re ever feeling alone, lost, broken or hurt, and you wish that someone could put your pain into words, visit this page and these authors will help you put even the tiniest piece of your heart back together. Sometimes it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone, and that it’s human to feel the love you do, whether it’s reciprocated or not, and that it’s human to want to put yourself first despite the love that may flow within you. For every thought I’m ever feeling, this platform has the words for it, and it just helps to remember that even in what may seem as your deepest hole, there is a way out.

The internal hurt that you carry around, deep inside yourself…

the hurt that comes from the loss and longing of past people and things, long departed.


This is the result of growing older, the result of saying goodbye to loved ones and places and moments, the result of learning how to love and how to let go, that is natural with the continuing of years.

This hurt that you carry around, it only exists because you have truly put your heart out there. For a person, a moment, a place, a thing.

And all the grief and anguish from having to let it go, whether by your own choice or otherwise, this is merely a symptom of having lived, as you should, with no holding back.

It’s easy to feel the pain and want to immediately push it away, to wish that it did not exist. Maybe even to fear its existence somewhat.

But what if you were able to look at the hurt in a new way? What if, instead of something you withdrew from, the pain were something you were able to accept with peace in your heart?

Peace because you know those feelings are simply a reflection of your life experiences to date…
Experiences of living, of loving, fully and wholeheartedly, without limits.
Experiences of which you would dare not change.

What if all that hurt only means that you are doing life right?

Maybe even consider, for just a second, that you wouldn’t be the version of yourself that you are right now, if you had not learned of this kind of love, and of this kind of loss.
So the next time you look your deep-rooted pain in the face, please see it for what it is.
Maybe even be at peace with carrying around its weight.
For the heavy, my dear, only means you have experienced the light.
And that can only mean that you are doing something right.

via This Is Why Pain Means You’re Doing Life Right — Thought Catalog
I hope that whatever it is you are going through, you take a moment away from the world, sit back and take a moment to find within yourself the right course to set yourself back on track, so that you can be the best version of yourself for yourself and those who love you.


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