The Single Christmas Tinsel

The festive season, as you may already know, is my absolute favourite time of the year; with all the lights, decorations, music and of course, the presents. My favourite thing about Christmas is that it’s a time when we sit down and take in the year, we reminisce over the memories we’ve made, the new friendships we’ve built, the experiences we’ve learnt from and it’s at this time of the year when we tend to remember how important our families are. I do try to remember this throughout the year but there’s something about singing Christmas carols with your loved ones while putting the lights up on the tree that just brings this warm tingly feeling in my heart and makes me so grateful for having so much love in my life. It’s a time when we realise that a whole year has come and gone and that we’re about to be blessed with a fresh, new start, a chance to make changes in our lives and to try new things.

I don’t want to be dramatic and say that there’s anything missing in my life because in all honestly, I don’t consider myself the kind of girl who needs a guy to keep her happy. I love my friends and my family and that’s more than enough. But with the festive season, there tends to come crashing in the single community a wave of longing for something else, something more. Maybe it’s because I’m away from home now, my heart can’t help but see all the lovers holding hands as they walk down Piccadilly Circus taking in the lights, or the families playing in the park, or the couples living together in the dorms.

Sometimes I enjoy being single, the freedom it gives me and the chance I have to discover so many things about myself that I know I wouldn’t have been able to if I had been in a committed exclusive relationship. I believe that in order to be able to be with someone and love someone else, you have to be able to live with and love yourself. And that’s something that I have been and of course, am still learning. I don’t want to rush anything and I know that everything happens for a reason in life, but there’s a part of me (and I know I’m not the only one) that’s impatient to do it all, to see it all and to have it all. Do I wish I had a special someone at Christmas? Of course. Is there a specific person that comes to mind when I say this? Maybe, but then again isn’t there always.

I think the most important thing I’m taking from all of my experiences this year, is to take note of and appreciate all the other beautiful little moments that surround the failed relationships, the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘if onlys’. I can’t force something that the stars haven’t planned for me yet and so all I can do is take in what I do have and see the bright side of the negatives.

That being said, I was thinking about it and there are so many reasons why being single at Christmas can be awesome! And here are a few.

Firstly, Christmas on campus is the time for parties. Okay let’s be honest, there are parties all year round on campus.  But this is the time to get out and meet people! ‘Tis the season to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends that you can take with you into the new year. Deck the halls of your heart with a flirty encounter with the cute guy across the bar of the club you end up going to after the pre-drinks. Spend time with your current friends, stay indoors and watch a movie or go out and explore the town with the girls, there’s nothing more therapeutic. Winter has come, and it’s cold, so the more the merrier. Make plans, put on your cutest outfit (which let me just disclaim is very hard to put together when it’s 2 degrees outside) and interact with new people. Being single at Christmas gives you the freedom that being in a couple doesn’t. (yes yes for all you couples reading this, I do envy your nights in wearing matching Christmas jumpers but at least I get to rewatch Miracle on 34th Street five times a day without having to share the tv). Oh and don’t forget you have one less present to buy so you can buy yourself that gorgeous new makeup palette that costs half your rent because you deserve it!

Another reason why being a single Christmas edition Pringle is great, is because, ladies, you don’t have to shave your legs! It. is. cold. We wear jeans all day and the motivation to shave is near zero. Not that you have to shave when you’re in a relationship if you don’t want to but I mean nobody knows what’s going on under those 30 denier tights and that feels great.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that being single at Christmas means that you don’t have to worry about getting heartbroken at Christmas. Tie your little heart with a little bow, place it under your tree until the New Year when you know that you can safely unwrap it and gift it to yourself in one peace. After the New Year you can start looking for the person you’d like to give a little piece of it to. For now, keep it safe. And don’t worry too much about the fact that you’re alone, because otherwise you’ll forget to see the happiness sitting right in the corner of your eye.

Silver linings. That’s going to be one of my new years’ resolutions. Not to see the bad or sad bits in everything, but to be aware that there is, and try to find, the silver linings. A single piece of Christmas Tinsel adds a tiny bit of perfection to the tree, but still glistens as beautifully on its own.

I hope you’re all as excited for Christmas as I am! Sit back, grab a candy cane and let’s see what the countdown to Christmas has to offer us next.





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