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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a planner, so even on my student budget, I’ve been planning presents for my friends and family since a cold mid-October evening, when I took my little pen and notepad out and burnt the midnight oil scribbling ideas for everyone. Just kidding I was totally studying. No I wasn’t. Anyway, that way I know I’m not rushing to get anything last minute, I know that what I’m getting or making has taken a lot of thought and I know that whoever it’s going to will absolutely love it. It’s now early December but do not fret, you haven’t run out of time yet!

I did my first little poll on Instagram the other day and saw that you guys were interested in seeing the kinds of ideas I had for gifts. So, I’ve compiled a list of a mix of DIY and store-bought gifts that I think are absolutely adorable and perfect for this time of year. On that note here are some Christmas gift ideas for friends and family:

  • Personalised Scrabble Art

I’m all about the personalised gifts and the sentimental trinkets. I did this one for an anniversary once and I was pretty chuffed with myself. I think they’re so cute and really show that you’ve put some thought into the whole thing. These can actually be personalised for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and yes of course, Christmas. You’ll need an old scrabble set (preferably one with a few pieces already missing so you’re not ruining a perfectly good scrabble set ahaha!), some superglue, some cork or a frame of your choice, some paper or fabric for the background, if you’re back home (the islands) maybe some shells and some fine sand to add a tropical twist, maybe some ribbon and glitter depending on your ideas and finally, an adorable saying, word, quote or memory that you know your loved one will love. Be creative!


  • A watch

No matter the occasion I think a watch is a timeless gift for him or her. And no I don’t mean an apple watch because I know they’re pretty cool but there’s something about a classic watch that always seems to make a statement especially when you know you’ve taken the time to pick the right one that you know will go perfectly with someone. I found a really cute brand on Instagram called and they were kind enough to offer me and my followers a discount code – use the code VADZ10 at checkout for a 10% discount on all of their watches. And they ship internationally! They’ve got such a lovely variety of different styles and yes I did get one for a loved one and I’m so excited for them to see it.


  • DIY Personalised Mugs

One year, I got a set of white teacups and I took a golden sharpie (an oil based one) and all over the cups I wrote some beautiful and personal quotes that I knew my parents would love. I let the sharpie dry overnight and the next day stuck the teacups in the oven at 180 degrees for half and hour, let them sit for a bit, gently hand washed them (instead of dish washing) and wrapped them up to be placed under the Christmas tree! I think this is so cute and so fun to do!


  • Personalised Cork Coasters

Okay, this one I’ve never actually got round to making myself but I do think they’re a fun way to be creative with gifts and give something that will come in handy for all those frosty glasses. For those of you who like to doodle and sketch this is another perfect way to put your talents to wonderful use. All you’ll need to do is buy some round or squared cork pieces easily bought online or in your local hardware store, some acrylic paint, some brushes, some tape (to make the straight lines), or you can get creative to make any shape you wish.


  • A baking or cooking basket

I remember when I was around 14-15 I went through an adorable baking phase and I would beg my mum for new cupcake molds and colourful spatulas and all sorts of baking essentials. I think a set like the ones in the images below would be perfect for a little girl who’s developing an interest in baking. I say ‘little girl’ but I’m 20 and if you gave me one of these now I would without a doubt start jumping up and down with excitement! They can as easily be personalised for adults with more cooking essentials and more classic pieces. You could look for the different bits and bobs separately and then tie them together with some ribbon and a bow.


  • Mason Goodies Jar (Best for last)

Mason Jars have been such a huge thing recently, so why not bring this trend over to Christmas. You can either buy mason jars which they sell in the stores with the handles OR (and this is my favourite option) use any glass jar that you have at home. Soak them to clean them out and remove the labels. You can stick some colourful ribbons around the middle, you could stick some glitter or little bows or some rope or anything you want on the sides to make it look the way you want it to. Again this is about being creative and having fun while putting together something perfect to give to kids or even adults depending on what you put in it. For kids you could then fill the jars with candy or some little hair ties, lipgloss and jewelry for the girls or some soaps, lego mini figures and toy cars for the boys. For adults, you could fill the jars with anything based on a theme. You could have a jar with a scented candle or a jar for the bathroom with some soaps, gels and a little towel. You could have a jar with a hot chocolate mix (hot chocolate on the bottom and marshmallows at the top). You could have a pedicure set in a jar with two nail polishes, a nail file, mini nail cutter and some cotton with some glitter sprinkled in for good measure. I could go on and list all of the amazing ideas I was inspired by on pinterest (definitely head on over there to have a look!) but here are some pics of my favourite ones. You know who you’re making the jar for, so you can fill it with the things that you know they’re going to love. I think this is the most versatile out of all the DIY gifts because you can literally make a jar for every theme and adapt it to the person!

I hope that I’ve been able to inspire some of your last minute Christmas gift ideas. If you do end up making any of these please do send me a DM letting me know what you did or tag me in your pics if you post any. Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!




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  1. cestlevie2002
    December 5, 2017 / 11:01 pm

    I love personalized gifts and cards! You should also check MVMT for watches. I got one on sale for my husband last year.. he loves it!

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