Deadlines and Dreary Days

The biggest thing I was warned about London was the weather. One of my best friends said I was crazy for choosing London of all the places that I could have gone in the world. Coming from sitting in the sun every weekend and working on my tan, to rarely seeing the blue sky on most days, has been quite an adjustment. So, you can imagine my gasp of excitement and delight when I opened the curtain one morning and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, sending sparkling reflections dancing on the water in the canal that my bedroom overlooks. So, I pulled my picnic basket out of the closet, rushed to make some cucumber sandwiches, grabbed some sunscreen and headed to the park for a fabulous picnic… or at least that’s what I wished I was doing.

I mean I’d love to! And I plan on it. But I have 2 essays due, tutorials to plan for, books to read and a new diet to plan. Fun right?! Actually, it is, most of the time. For the most part I’m finding the learning experience very interesting. Most of the content is gripping and if you get past all the reading, you can actually come to enjoy the work. Then again, I’m only about a month and a half in and supposedly it gets worse. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is it easy, because it’s very challenging and takes up way too much of my previously precious sleep. The only thing to do is, and there’s no other way to put it: Just get it done.

On another note, I’ve come to understand what it means to say that university is about so much more than your course. Of course, it’s about the content of your modules and the endless cases and statutes that you have to memorize, but it’s also about learning the way of the world on a much bigger scale than simply what’s in the books. And I don’t just mean about the business and commercial sides of the world either, although this has become a big part of my everyday conversation these days. A couple of our lecturers and tutors remind us that although our degree is the main reason we’re here, we can’t forget to live our lives and get involved in things that interest us and to develop ourselves as ‘well rounded individuals’. This is why, as I sit here writing this post, I have no guilt whatsoever because this has become my guiltfree past time and it makes me happy.

When I first started, I felt as if I was literally going to have no time and that I should feel bad if I spent time doing something other than getting ahead of the reading or writing another paragraph of the essay that’s due. But then I realise that as long as you plan your time (a skill I’m still learning) you can and should be able to do things that keep you happy and fun things with your friends because otherwise you’ll find that life is moving forward and leaving you behind. That’s one of my biggest fears I think. Getting too lost in thinking about the future with regards to this degree and life afterwards, that I forget to live in the now.

But the university experience is also slowly teaching me so much about people, about how we interact with one another, about the different relationships we develop, about how to read people and their intentions. Not just that, I’m learning a lot about how I portray myself, the different ways I introduce myself to different types of people, sometime being very upfront and open, and sometimes being a bit more reserved and cautious. The university is overflowing with faces, heck it’s been over a month and I still see new faces in the lecture hall and I’m constantly meeting people (in the laundry room for example) to find that we do the same course and none of us have started the land law essay. Which I should probably get back to now…

Basically, I’ve realised that they weren’t kidding when they said that you make some of the most amazing friends and meet so many amazing new people at uni, while simultaneously learning so much about yourself and your continuously growing personality.

Until next time, sit back, grab some Oreos, and let’s see what life has to offer us next!




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