Trains of Thought

As I write this post I’m sitting on a train.

No, not one of those lovely ones that pass through the countryside to display rolling hills and fluffy white sheep grazing. The underground rather. Personally, I prefer the seats in the overground but these ones are nice too, a bit more crowded, and the journey is a bit louder but I’ve come to find that I enjoy sitting on these seats, watching everyone come in and out and wondering where they’re all off to.

My destination is 14 stops away so I’ll be here for a little while and during this little trip I’ll see over a dozen new faces. People from various walks of life; some with their earphones in listening to the new Taylor Swift single; grandparents taking their little ones out for the day; businessmen in crisp suits tapping away on their iPhones on to the next meeting or back to the office for a cup of coffee; groups of young men discussing about groups of young women; pretty girls with their nails all done for Halloween clutching their PSLs* heading to school or to meet with friends, and of course, someone reading their daily dose of Brexit news in the seat opposite me who I awkwardly try to avoid eye contact with whenever I look up.

A city bustling with life, thousands of minds all thinking a thousand thoughts, thousands of problems, thousands of answers.

And then I had a thought. What would it be like if we could overcome the awkwardness of trying to avoid grazing elbows or knocking feet with a passer on the train (or bus) and sit down and actually have a conversation with some of the people that sit next to us, who are going on with their lives, just as we are getting on with ours.

Maybe one day… but until we actually muster up the courage to put ourselves out there, all we can do is sit back, grab some Cheetos, and see what life has to offer us next.


*Pumpkin Spice Latte


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