5 top tips for getting through the first month

As I write this, I’m taking a little study break because I had a lecture today that left me with the worst headache, can I get a #relatable. Looking around my dorm room, it’s definitely not as bare as when I first moved in, I’ve framed a few pictures, I’ve got the obligatory fairy lights dangling on my walls and my desk is strewn with books and papers. I may or may not have half a packet of Pringles temptingly sitting in a corner but that’s besides the point! I also may or may not be in the process of figuring out how I’m going to get a particularly good looking guy to notice me and reply to my message but that’s also besides the point.

I can officially say that I’ve been here for a month now. And I can assure you that it does get easier 🙂 just kidding it doesn’t. I mean it does, but there’s laundry and grocery shopping and essays and classes to attend and societies to join and clubs to dance in and food to eat and clothes to buy and it’s still all very overwhelming to put it mildly. So I’ve compiled my 5 top tips that I would give for getting through the first month of University with your head still screwed tightly on your shoulders:

  1. Storage: if you live in Halls like me then the first thing you’re going to want to invest in is some storage. Baskets, boxes and bags to store your laundry, books, jewelry, stationary and basically everything you own. If you’re a girl, and if you’re anything like me there’s just not. enough. space. Stores like Zara Home, Marks and Spencers and Paperchase have some amazing stuff AND they offer student discounts if you bring along your student ID.
  2. Fruits and Veggies: I’ve just discovered the amazing development that is Deliveroo and it’s soooooo tempting to just not be bothered to go shopping. But it’s so important to eat healthy because, more often than not, we get so busy with classes and studying that we forget to eat and by the time we do, the only thing we have are potatoes and different potatoes. Winter is coming (wink wink) and it’s so important for us to be eating right and giving our bodies the nutrients that they need. So as much as possible I try to avoid buying snacks and junk food so that when the time comes around and I feel like snacking, there’s nothing else to eat but something healthy. Even if winter isn’t coming where you are, you have to remember that you’re working and you’re on the go all the time and so it’s important that your body has the right fuel to keep it going. Yeah yeah how boring Vadz, I know, but you’ll thank me later.
  3. Shopping: Do not, under any circumstances, buy that extra pair of boots. You will not need them, no matter how gorgeous they are, no matter how good they make your legs look. Just don’t. Or do because they may not have them the next time you’re in the store and they’re on sale!
  4. Start right away: I know it’s tempting to go out every single night and this is coming from a girl who loves her parties and loves to dance. But coming in at 3am on a Tuesday morning? Maybe I’ll loose some brownie points for this but I couldn’t do it. I’d much rather work my butt off during the week reading and getting stuff done, then I know on the weekend nights I can hit the town like there’s no maňana! It’s so important to remain focused on the real reason why you’re here and to develop a balance for your life going forward.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone: it’s so easy to sit and think ‘oh it’s okay I won’t go to this event I’ll catch the next one’ or ‘i’ll join this society next year it’s fine’. Yet you’ll never know how many opportunities you missed out on because of it. Either it’s pure laziness (in which case I can relate) or it’s that little feeling of apprehension, that little voice that worries that you aren’t going to meet anyone you like or you’ll just stick out like a sore thumb (in which case I can also relate). I love making new friends and meeting new people and university is the best place to do that. But I’m also wary, reserved and anxious by nature so a few times I’ve questioned whether I should go to this meet and greet or attend this society meeting. But then I pulled myself together and realised that I would have missed out on some fabulous things if I’d stayed home. The most important lesson I’ve learnt and that I’m still learning, is that it’s so important to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. I promise it will pay off because chances are, everyone is just as nervous as you.

P.S: I’ve finished the Pringles.

Let me know what you thought of my top tips and I’d love to hear about your uni experiences so far. Sit back, grab some cheetos, and let’s see what life has to offer us next.




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