White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1)
Author: Jennifer. L Armentrout
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 400
Published: February 2014
So yeah, we are officially back to the demons and fantasy genre… *crickets chirp*. Don’t look at me with those looks, you know you love them just as much as I do!
Layla Shaw is half demon and half Warden. For as long as she can remember, she’s been forced to suppress the demon side of her, and adhere to the rules and lifestyle of the Wardens; the group of heavenly creatures tasked with protecting mankind and the earth from the ravages of demon-kind. Not that that’s been a terrible life considering the Warden’s raised her as their own and she’s always had the über gorgeous and über protective older brother figure Zayne looking out for her. That’s all it can ever be though, older brother affection, because let’s not forget that if she gets too close to him, she could suck out his soul. Yup, another one of her uncanny talents, not only can she see the auras and souls of those who possess them, but she can suck them out too.
 However, when the jaw-droppingly handsome Upper-Level Demon Roth comes into her life, what had once seemed forbidden and impossible now becomes a possible reality, as Roth, doesn’t have a soul. No demon does. Now she’s conflicted, is it right to embrace the side of her that hosts demon blood? Are all demons really the cruel creatures the world has always thought them to be? She knows she can never be with Zayne and he could never feel what she does for him but what does it mean if she falls for Roth? And oh, did we mention that her whole world is going to fall apart because, oh yeah, Hell itself, is looking for Layla. And if Hell is looking for you, then $#2@ is about to hit the fan.
So not only does this book portray two magnificently described drool worthy male protagonists but it’s just one of those stories that make you EEEPPPP and GASP all the time! Yes, okay this is not the first book with this theme, demons and angels are commonplace these days, but that doesn’t mean that a great number of books in this genre aren’t admirable pieces of literature. Not to forget that Armentrout is a genius and I would read anything that she writes…
I’ve read my fair share of love triangles but I have to say that this trio has found a place in my heart. I’ve also always thought that the author is wonderful at coming up with the best snide and witty comments for her characters to say and that’s what makes the relationship between the triangle, in this case, Layla, Roth and Zayne, so intense and gripping. You have sweet moments, funny moments, intense moments, smirk worthy moments and gasp worthy moments and it’s wonderful that sometimes you want to pause, breath, and reread the entire conversation that you just read to re-experience the whole thing again. I hope that makes sense…
Anyways, yes, back to the drool worthy males. I am a sucker for well described characters and totally channel my giddy inner girly girl when reading about the fact that Zayne would do absolutely anything for Layla and Roth annoyingly hides the fact that he would also do anything for her. Well at least that’s what I think for now, I still haven’t made up my mind about Roth but I think he’s just trying to be all tough guy demon and denying his feelings even though… Okay that’s enough of that, I apologize if I’ve given something away but that was my feeble attempt at confusing and intriguing you, dear reader, so that you’ll go buy the book and find out what the heck is going on.
Now on to the plot! Gripping? Yes. Intense but also mushy? Yes. An emotional mood swing prompter? Yes! But honestly, I didn’t expect any less from Armentrout. Fans of her previous work, as well as newbies to her world will definitely be enticed and yanked into the wonder that she creates. If you are a newbie to this author, and this is a genre that interests you, (gods, demons, myth, fantasy), I would also recommend checking out the Covenant series which is a best seller for a good reason.
So fellow reader and book enthusiast, I hope that I’ve enticed you into itching to lay your hands on this book, if so, my job here is done.
Yours humbly,
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