The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

the christmas wedding
Title: The Christmas Wedding
Author: James Patterson and Richard DiLallo
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 304
Published: 2011
Gaby Summerhill has been widowed for almost three years. It’s been hard, to say the least, and her four children have all moved on to lives of their own. Sadly, they haven’t been together for Christmas in Stockbridge Massachusetts since their father’s death. But this Christmas, Gaby has a surprise that will startle them all. She’s getting married again. Oh and if that isn’t enough, she has, not one but three prospective suitors and ‘the one’ will only be revealed on the big day; Christmas Day. Jacob, Marty and Tom have known Gaby all her life and have all been there for her. But who will she chose to join the family? Will everyone come together as she had planned or will, like with all events in life, something occur to ruin the whole thing?
The tree is decorated, the cookies are baked and the presents are wrapped! See you at Christmas…When all will be revealed.
I personally had no idea that James Patterson was into writing these types of books. I assumed that he was more of the mystery, fantasy, sci-fi author, based on most of his previous books (big Maximum Ride fan over here). Well turns out I was wrong and not only that but turns out he’s pretty good at this kind of book too! I have to admit, it’s not as thrilling and adrenaline inducing as we might expect from his books but I guess he was trying his hand at a different genre?  However, that being said, it’s just the type of lovey-dovey novel to get you excited as you flick the pages and even a little more excited about the upcoming festivities in real life.
It’s a relatively short read but full of emotion as the Summerhill family goes through some bumpy situations with alcoholic fathers, husbands suffering from cancer, teens on weed and all the decisions that accompany these; all in the days leading up to Christmas! But, of course, in the spirit of the season, the warmth of love will pull through and all the wrongs will be made right once more.
Patterson utilizes his skills with mystery and suspense as we wait anxiously through every chapter to find out who the groom is going to be. I liked the fact that the book jumps from the different characters in each chapter so that we get to see what’s going on with everyone before they all come together to drink eggnog by the fire and kiss under the mistletoe. This book is just the thing to get you hyped for the season and is sure to jump start you into the Christmas spirit.
Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers,


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