Possessed by Niki Valentine

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Title: Possessed
Author: Niki Valentine
Pages: 128
Genre: Fiction
Published: July 25th 2012
Emma’s lifelong dream has been to attend music school. Her skill is unparalleled and she plays with a mysterious ethereal passion. Now she finally has the opportunity of a lifetime but things aren’t exactly going to plan. After suffering a painful spell of homesickness, she is taken under the protective wings of the beautiful, talented and popular twins Sophie and Matilde, who give her a taste of the wild side of life. It’s never been in Emma’s nature to hang with the elite party girls but the twins have captured her in their web and they are unwilling to let her go. So, when delicate Matilde commits suicide and Sophie does not bat an eyelid, life gets even stranger. Emma begins to awaken in weird places, to lose her memory and to begin to doubt everyone around her, even Sophie. She’s never been one for superstitions, but one word floats around in her mind, ‘Possession’. “Is it you, my love? Of course it’s me, my darling dear”
Niki Valentine ventures into the ideas of life after death and the essence of souls remaining in this world after they have died. She achieves this through the eyes of a young woman from a humble background with very strict views on the idea that what one cannot see, cannot possibly be real. So when her favorite of the twins dies, she cannot begin to understand how or why Matilde would use her as a connection to the living world. The twin that is left now is the one that puzzles her even more. What does Sophie want with her, and why won’t she let her leave? Could she be more dangerous than Emma could ever imagine?
For those who have an undying passion for music, I have to say more on the classical side though, this book would definitively appeal to you, as you come to find out that the item which triggers the ghost, (if you can call it that) is the playing of a Rachmaninoff sonata, which I checked out on YouTube and it gave me goose bumps, no kidding!
Written in a simple yet captivating manner, this book begs to be read. You know what? If you decide to take this book up, and you should, I suggest hearing the Rach piece first, because after I heard it, every scene in the book was intensified as I had that eerie tune at the back of my head!
It’s a thrilling book, riddled with question unanswered until the very end. ‘Possessed’ will catch you by its intriguingly designed covers and won’t let go!
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