Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Title: Theodore Boone
Author: John Grisham
Pages: 263
Genre: Young Adult Literature
Published: 2010
Theo was born and bred inside the courthouse of his small town of Strattenburg where even there, the lawyers battle like gladiators and the judges rule like kings. He knows the law better than the most seasoned law enforcer, and everyone within a ten-mile radius of the courthouse knows the pleasure of the name Theodore Boone. You’re waiting for the catch? Here it is: he’s only thirteen years old. And now he finds himself knee-deep in a murder trial, the first one in his part of the county, all because his friends at school trust him with their deepest secrets. A long-awaited trial, a perfect murder and not a witness in sight… Now Theo is thrust into the whole scene with two choices: keep his friend’s secret and allow a guilty man to walk, or betray the one who trusted him and ensure that justice prevails. Which will it be Theo?
So for a while now, I have been enthralled by the world of John Grisham, and believe me when I say that once one of his books are in your hands, it’s staying there until the last pages have been turned. Trust me. However, it has been said that some of his more recent books may not hold the same enticement  as their predecessors, some of his earlier work, like ‘The Street Lawyer’, ‘The Client’, ‘The Partner’ and quite a few more award-winning novels.
So with a rather skeptical mind frame I began to read this book, and mind you, it was only after I had finished, that I learned that this was one in a series of Theodore Boone stories. This rather short but definitely interesting book does rival the likes of teen crime fighters such as the beloved Nancy Drew and dare I say The Secret Seven and Famous Five. Despite being, as I mentioned, not nearly as long or as intensely thought-provoking as any of Grisham’s previous novels, this story does remain captivating due to the passion that Theo obviously has for what he does. I assume that Grisham maybe had a younger audience in mind when writing this book. The mystery aspect that this author is notoriously known for, without a doubt, comes out in the pages and you are always left wondering who killed the helpless victim. You really can’t ask for better suspense than the type you will find in this book.
I think I enjoyed it mostly because it was simple, did not demand too much concentration to read, while still being memorable and at the same time serious! (If you didn’t quite get it yet, I have mixed feelings about this book!)
None the less, it’s a great choice to keep you awake at night even when you promised yourself that you would go to bed early!
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  1. July 4, 2014 / 8:12 am

    I love John Grisham’s books!

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