Little White Lies by Bernadette Strachan

Title: Little White Lies
Author: Bernadette Strachan
Pages: 358
Genre: Comedy/drama
Published: March 3rd 2008
Dear Great Aunt Babs,
I arrived in Sole Bay as a brokenhearted stowaway in search of a new start. I was broke, alone and had basically been left at the altar a few months ago…(sort of)… The shop you asked me to take over while on your trip to Australia was…well it was in a bad shape (to put it nicely) when I first arrived. But in it, I found an outlet for the refurbishing that needed to be done in my life. I can’t explain it but turning that tattered boutique into a beautiful high-end shop was probably the best thing to happen in my life. You know me! At first I was very skeptical about trying to run a bridal shop when I was probably the one person on this planet who could not stand weddings and the whole idea of happily ever after. Ironic right? Through you however, I made a new friend in the crazy eccentric hipster Dot and the wild, short-tempered but soft-hearted Saturday girl Debs. I hadn’t realized how much I needed new friends in my life but turns out my old ones weren’t exactly healthy for me. Take the long-legged, big-chested, man chasing Jackie for example.. .And not to mention my mental, Broadway family. My ex-fiancé James and I (after a brutal separation) knew we would never enter each other’s lives again and I was having a lot of trouble finding a peace of heart (a truth I would admit to no one!) But no matter, my new gay best friend Sam and I spent the nights scouring the town for the best drinks, that is, on the nights I wasn’t making a move on my new crush, the hunky fireman Ed.
Despite the fact that I could never bring myself to admit it out loud, that heartwarming moment when a bride-to-be finally felt like a princess because of my shop, always brought a smile to my face despite trying hard not to show it to everyone.
Actually Aunt Babs, I have grown to understand that things are never as they seem, some people may not be as good as they seem while others may not be as bad as they seem. Everyone has their secrets and turns out everyone might even be destined for a happily ever after, after all. My happily ever after came in the most unexpected way but hey, through this journey I’ve learned that the mind is a powerful tool, the heart is a strong ally and the bridal shop I once thought would be torture to my soul, turned out to be the best thing in my life, well one of them.
I hope you’re enjoying yourself and you know I love you dearly…but maybe try not to come back too soon,
Love, Billie Baskerville
Well I guess that pretty much sums the book up right? Hope I didn’t lay too many spoilers up there but just enough to tease you into reading the book if you haven’t already.
This book has so much to offer where characters and content are concerned and trust me I haven’t even brushed the top of the juice that lays within the book. Strachan is very humorous and manages to make this book multi layered and unexpected (and by that I am referring to the ‘wait what’ ending of the book!)
This was so much fun to read because there is just so much to read about! Every kind of personality imaginable is brought into the book. It’s every female’s inner girly that comes rushing out at the idea of white ball gowns and pearly doves over an altar decorated in chrysanthemums. Unless of course you are anything like the protagonist Billie who cannot stand the idea of getting married. Slightly ironic for someone running a bridal shop but okay then.
The letter above is my version of a summary of the story, portraying the lessons learned and the truths which were revealed during the story. I put it in that format because the first and last chapters involve a letter between Billie and her Great Aunt Babs who was the one who (if you didn’t already get it) is on a holiday in Australia with a gentlemen friend and needed someone to watch over her shop and the little family she had established at Sole Bay.
In my opinion I think that this Aunt is psychic and somehow knew that Billie needed a change in lifestyle and knew exactly the positive impact Sole Bay would have on her Great Niece… Either that or the whole happy ending was a lucky outcome but wouldn’t we all like to believe it was the first option?
I’d give this book a good 4 out of 5!
Have you read this book? What did you think of it? If you haven’t do you think after this short review you’d run (or maybe jog slowly) to the book or eBook store? Let me know in the comments! XD
Cheers! xx


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