Playing the Game by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Title: Playing the Game
Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
Pages: 448
Genre: Fiction
Published: October 12th 2010
It’s never as easy as one would think to simply put aside and forget the more haunting aspects of one’s past. It’s even harder, when that past seems to be catching up with one bit by bit. Annette Remmington finally has the breakthrough she was waiting for, when a beautiful Rembrandt painting which she auctioned off has her on the top of her game. She’s stunning, talented, intelligent and married to the reputable and charming art expert Marius Remmington. However, everyone knows, a smile can hide a thousand lies and she can never forget where she came from. The place Marius saved her from was not one she would wish on her worst enemy. Now, hotshot journalist Jack Chalmers has entered her life, and might be too smart for his own good. Little did either of them know, that the moment he would enter her office for an innocent interview, both of their lives would change forever. The game board is set. Let the games begin!
Barbara Taylor Bradford enthrallingly spins a tale of mystery and seduction, manipulation and passion in yet another successful book. This author has the reader asking questions throughout all of the 474 pages of this contemporary fiction novel.  Set in London in 2007, the story recounts the life of a strong woman who has had to endure many trials and tribulations in her dark past. She may have learnt from them and made a life for herself now, but she is reminded that what happened back then makes her who she is today, and it’s something she can never forget.
A lovely story, in that there’s nothing overly fancy or extravagant about the plot, which tends to be a very realistic, plausible life situation. I don’t mean the characters (or the descriptions of them) aren’t extravagant because it’s plain to see that these people live in luxury, but yet have been portrayed as humble and down-to-earth, which is a quality that immediately attracts any reader. Another attraction for readers could be the avid discussion of art, artists and art history throughout the whole book, if that is something that interests you.
The book is filled with many question marks which have the reader awaiting the answers on the next page as it is turned with licked fingers. But the only way to get them is by reading the whole book because the mysteries are only revealed on the last pages (and don’t even think of reading the end first because THAT is not how it works!). As well as having an intriguing mystery aspect, a lot of romance is incorporated within the pages: all about the highs and joys of love at first sight, true love, and all that jazz! (Sigh)…
So yes, this book could definitely give you a few hours of enjoyable reading time this month while reminding you that, what goes around comes around and you will always reap what you sow!


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