The Painter's Apprentice by Charlotte Betts

Title: The Painter’s Apprentice
Author: Charlotte Betts
Series: Stand alone sequel to ‘ The Apothecary’s Daughter’
Pages: 400
Genre: Historical Romance
Published: January 1st 2012
The year is 1688. Beth Ambrose has found her calling and Johannes the painter has nurtured and tended for her talent, molding it into an unbelievable gift, but there’s only so much she can experience from within the safety of her family’s arms and her home at Merryfields. The world as she knows it is about to shift as political tensions boil in the city and Noah Leyton arrives from a foreign land to turn her family upside down. The arrival of an additional mysterious stranger will further change her life forever. This is her chance to prove her worth to the world and to herself, but little does she know that freedom comes at a price…
The follow-up to Charlotte Betts’s much loved ‘The Apothecary’s daughter’ has proven to be just as historically lush and immensely addictive as anticipated. With beautiful Victorian language and description to stimulate the senses, this book is meant to showcase the growth of the British monarchy through the eyes of a simple country girl out to follow her dreams in a complicated world.
Beth’s character and those of her beloved family who make up the primary characters are very engaging to follow while they discover their callings in life and where they truly belong. Tears are shed along the way (by the characters…and maybe even the readers…Fine!  I admit to a few myself) and new loves are formed where they were least expected (bring on the contented sighs). The secondary characters are also very intriguing in their multitude of personalities and dispositions. Plus, the events that take place are actually factual including the involvement of some people and places. This knowledge only heightens the thrilling experience of the book making it even more awing and immersive.
The descriptions in the book are probably its best aspect. One can feel every brush stroke that Beth makes, can smell the ingredients from her paints and the aroma’s from the kitchen.
Charlotte Betts once again manages to capture the hearts of the readers with her vivid portrayal of a life along the warm cobblestones of London and the frostbitten trees of winter, amidst the banquet halls of the king and the stables of the inns and in the hearts of a family whose lesson will be to learn from their mistakes and take life by the reins before their time runs out.


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