Invisible Individuality

A tad bit of a tongue twister I know! Sorry about that! (Try saying it 10 times really fast just for fun!!)
My apologies I got a bit sidetracked there. Believe it or not, my aim today was not to discuss words, but more like the lack of words that fills many a youth in the society today. And by that I mean the problem that comes with many young people seeming to not possess the ability or the confidence to embrace their individuality. That is something that in my opinion is very sad and I would like to talk about with you.
I know that the issue of peer pressure and desires to fit into society have been discussed many times before but it’s my opinion that there’s a lot of talk, but not much of that has actually been helping young people to embrace their uniqueness. Attempts have been made to get teens out of their shells and not to feel as if they need to fit in with what society or the locality has deemed as acceptable, but sometimes it’s very hard for some people to face the simple fact that they are unique.
There are so many beautiful people (both inside and out) out there who hide behind facades just to please the ones they surround themselves with. They believe that when they pretend to be a certain type of person that they are not, their crowd will accept them, but more often than not, every single member in the crowd is putting up a face for one reason or another not aware that so is everyone else. So in the end all you have is a big mess of people who are all hiding who they are to please what they believe the other person or people want. It’s very confusing I know, but if you think about it, it makes sense. It’s just easier to have a group of friends who pretend to be interested in the same things rather than trying to work to keep together a group of people who are vastly different in ideals and passions.
Don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that there are many ‘clicks’ out there who have found common ground in their friendships while each having been able to maintain what they believe in. Other times it’s even better when you find the perfect group of friends who share the same ideals as you. Both ways can have their fun sides and their challenging sides but if I delve into that, this post will be way too long!
It’s very hard for me to imagine having to hide what it is that I love doing just because the majority of people don’t agree with me because ‘times have changed’! I love to read! I mean I SERIOUSLY love to read! I love writing 1000 word essays! I don’t mind having to stay up at night having to read a text-book (as long as it’s not chemistry or biology)! And I find no shame in admitting to these things. I see no reason why I should be judged by them! And if I do happen to get some looks when people think I’m crazy I tell them that maybe I am but that’s what I love about myself!
And that’s another thing that confuses me! No normal person should find the need to ridicule another human being because they like a certain type of food or don’t go out to certain places or because they have certain believes in life. You have full right to object politely or be respectfully opinionated  but after that it’s important to understand that everyone is different and not everyone is supposed to have the same ideals as yours.
Sometimes if you’re a really observant person you tend to notice when someone is hiding something or when someone has something they want to add to a conversation but dare not for fear of being judged. It makes me feel bad because it’s my opinion that one should be able to express what’s on one’s mind not caring what others have to interject. But don’t get me wrong here: I’m not encouraging anyone to force their opinions in anyone’s face! If everyone just got out what was on their chest then was able to move on I think society would be a better and more honest place to live in. (I’m no psychologist or anything so don’t take my word for it…well at least not yet)
To address the issue of what can be done to spread the message of individuality: well I don’t know. It has become ingrained in people’s mind. The need to live to please others instead of living life for ourselves has become such a vital and integral part of life that it would be difficult to preach otherwise. I suppose that those of us who have found happiness in relishing in who we are and what we believe in should be louder and should broadcast the freedom that comes with knowing that you aren’t hiding anything from the world.
It is natural to have some things about yourself that the whole world need not know about but things that identify you and make you who you are should never be hidden because without those you’re basically a drone from a sci-fi movie!
So I know that this has been said before, to the point where it has almost become cliché but it’s the truth and there’s no other way to put it! You are beautiful and unique and there never was and never will be anyone else like you! Why waste the precious time we have on this earth by pretending when we could expose our beauty to the world and make it just that much more exciting to live in! Don’t let people hold you down because you never know, they might be feeling exactly the way you do but they just might have a different way to express it. So be the better person, show them you are not afraid of who you are and you will see that your brain will be freed to deal with more trivial issues like what to have for diner or when to walk the dog! XD But seriously though, embrace life! You do in fact only live once!
never give up


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