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Sometimes it so happens that you see a book on the shelf or in the eBook store and for one reason or another it absolutely appeals to you and you feel it in your gut that you’re absolutely going to love it. Then you turn the first few pages and to your utter disappointment…you hate it. Alright hate is a strong word, but what I mean is that (not for lack of trying) you can’t bring yourself to read it. It’s not the author’s fault because the book could be really good but from the get-go it just doesn’t suit you, so you discard it and turn to something else. This has happened to me recently when I really thought the book was going to be one that would intrigue me, I found it was very hard for me to sit down and read it. Look, sometimes these things happen!
That being said, I suppose I should mention that this also happens the other way around. Sometimes I’m a little skeptical if a friend gives me a book that to me doesn’t look all that great and I probably wouldn’t have chosen by myself, but (being the risk taker that I am when it comes to books) I take it to read anyway and lo-and-behold that’s the book that’s going to have me beady-eyed all night trying to finish it by lamplight!
But you never know, maybe some of the books that don’t catch my fancy might actually have one of you staying up until midnight to read. So here’s a little list of books that I started reading but couldn’t finish that I thought some of you might like.
( there aren’t that many at the moment as I do try to finish all my books but I will keep updating my list!)
Breaking Point by Alex Flinn
breakingpointWhen i started reading, the character’s personality didn’t appeal to me to make me want to read it any further, but some of you might enjoy the crime/mystery theme.
The Selection by Kiera Cass
In a place of rivals, only One can win his heart…
the-selection-kiera-cass-large The cover is fancy and enticing (no that’s not why I got it…) but the beginning seemed a little to abrupt for me to continue. But you never know. Try your luck with it!
Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead
81HZzTu2VpL._SL1500_ I adored this author’s other series of books and gave this one a shot but this sci-fi piece just didn’t quite sit well with me. But you never know how it could go with you.
Anything any of you want to recommend?



  1. March 10, 2014 / 8:12 pm

    I think the problem with disliking the beginning of a long book is that it takes hours to finish it (just in case it gets better at the end). But watching a bad movie doesn’t take as long – it might be over in just 90m. I always have the issue of hoping that the book will get better but at the same time not wanting to waste too much time, in case it doesn’t 🙂

    • vadychick
      March 11, 2014 / 1:23 pm

      Exactly! But I always feel bad if I can’t finish the book, don’t ask me why but I feel like I’ve failed it somehow! Can’t help it but that’s the way it is! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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