The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Title: The Knife of Never Letting Go
Author: Patrick Ness
Series: Chaos Walking (Book 1)
Published: May 5 2008
Pages: 496
Genre: Young Adult Literature/ Speculative fiction
Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentisstown and Prentisstown is the last town on New World and New World is one with no women and nothing exists but the never-ending Noise of men. No silence, no reprieve, no secrets… Or are there? There’s only one month until Todd’s thirteenth birthday, the day that will make him a man in the eyes of the town. But until then, he must wait, with no one but his dog Manchee…until they find a spot of complete and utter silence in the swamps around the town… is that even possible? It can’t be… but it is. His whole life has all been a lie. And now he’s going to have to run
Goosebumps I tell you! Goosebumps are what I felt as I finished reading this book. ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ definitely deserves all the fiction prizes it has won!
It is written in a style I’ve yet to discover another author use. This boy, Todd Hewitt lives on the planet of New World where his town has yet to develop from the stages of speaking like ‘ruddy’ cowboys. And that’s exactly how the story is written. Yer bound to not be a-knowing quite what yer readin but evenshually ye learn to go with it. It really is amazing because taking on the accent of the character does wonders with helping to get lost in the plot of the book! And isn’t that what a good book is all about? I heard from some people that they found the way he narrated the story with the words often misspelled annoying. He spells directions as in direkshun because…well Todd don’t know no better! And I found it wonderful!
The pace at which the author tells the story is pretty incredible. Every single second of the story is told in paragraphs with basically no stops! BREATHE IN! ‘From the moment he jumps off the cliff and he sees the forest, it’s all he can do to run and he doesn’t look back and he hears their breaths and he feels his tears and they don’t stop and he nearly trips over the rock and his hand reaches back for the knife (oh that cursed knife) but he doesn’t take it out no not yet until he reaches the end of the river and there he sees it! AND BREATH OUT! (For the record that is not from anywhere in the book) But if that doesn’t have you leaning forward in your chairs in anticipation then…well then let me not even go there.
The characters of the story are very memorable, some because you want to see them survive the storms life is throwing at them, others because they’re so evil that you just wanted them to die but they just won’t!
The story line itself is massively gripping, terrifying as well as exhilarating! There are so many aspects to the story that keep it moving with something new being learnt every step of the way.  Some moments are just so incredibly moving that I will admit to a few tears! Some moments are so shocking that my hand literally flew to my mouth in a gasp! Other moments are just so frustrating (in an absolutely fantastic way) that I wanted to throw the book across the room! And just when you think everything’s going to be okay?? After finishing the 478 pages you think finally they’re safe?? No No NO! The most shocking cliff hanger you will ever imagine! END OF BOOK ONE?? No one could have seen that coming and if you did then you’re either psychic or the author in which case I would be honored to have you reading this post your Patrickness! (Get it? Because the author’s name is Patrick Ness?)
This book may be old in the sense that it was released in 2008 but I think it’s time to bring it into 2014 too! It is most certainly worth picking up and taking the time to enjoy because seriously it may say ‘Children’s fiction’ but take it from me… There ain’t nothing children ‘bout it!
A definite 5 out of 5! I’m off to go download the second book right now!!


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