Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

How long has it been? Three years? Three years since the divorce devastated Jill’s family and left her and her daughter Megan in pieces. Taking away his two daughters Abby and Victoria after ten years of being one unit, William stormed out never to be heard from again. But now life seems good. She is to be remarried to the man who finally makes her truly happy. He’s the father thirteen year old Megan always deserved, her job as a pediatrician pays well, her suburban home is all she ever wanted and her future seems finally ideal. But when Abby shows up at Jill’s doorstep, bringing news of her ex-husbands death, can she ignore the young girl’s plea for love never forgotten? Can she turn her back on those she raised despite all the lies and cons that got in the way? Nothing and no one can stand in the way of a mother determined to protect her children, not even the danger and threat that led to her ex-husband’s demise!
Yes, this book is about the undying love of a mother determined to help the girls who will always have her love despite their father’s abrupt departure. I found this book sort of conflicting because at times I felt for Jill and her want to take care of Abby and later her curiosity at finding out the true identity of the man she once thought she knew. But sometimes I felt that she was going too far with her investigations and was just putting herself out there instead of focusing on her present and new future with Sam. But then it’s back to wondering what will happen if she abandons her newly orphaned  ex-stepdaughters.
This book is really beautiful in that the raw emotions felt by Jill are so powerfully conveyed to the readers and we are always left to sympathies with her because of the dilemmas she face.
The element of mystery is very persistent in the novel. Throughout the story there seems to be a threat following Jill around in a black “pa-diddle” SUV. Every now and again it reappears adding a little bit more to the need to finish the book immediately, to find out the truth about the shadow threatening her life.
Seeing Jill and Sam’s happiness at the beginning of the story was so very heartwarming but when they get into their very first dispute over Abby, I have to admit it was pretty heartbreaking! I understand that Sam was ready to take on Jill and her lovable Megan but wasn’t at a point in his life where he wanted to take on the extra broken family as well.  But they were so perfect together that I wanted to keep reading just to make sure that they got back together in the end…but whether they did or not is not something I’m going to spoil for you!
The author definitely takes us on an emotional roller-coaster as we try to keep up with the drama of a woman who has too much love to give. It definitely emphasized how infinite a mother’s love is and how powerful the bond of family is. Life isn’t a fairy tale where everyone gets a happy ending, but it takes courage, patience, understanding and lots of love to be able to get where we want to and to protect those we want to keep safe.
What I found really interesting is that with a lot of books the chapters tend to drag on too many pages and I find it tiring to read after a while but with this book, the chapters were short and to the point and helped the book to flow really smoothly! It was definitely a breathtaking ride until the very end!
I have however read a few reviews whereby some people thought the book was too soft and the love was a little too much for them to handle but that’s understandable as everyone has their own opinion! If you’re not too interested in the emotional aspect of a book and are searching for something more thrilling which goes at a faster pace then maybe this one is not for you. But I for one will definitely be looking out for some more titles by this author!


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