Ghost Flower by Michele Jaffe

After being on the run for over a year, Eve is still looking over her shoulder. When two rich kids walk into her life and offer her the deal of a lifetime to impersonate their long lost cousin Aurora, can she risk intruding into the life of a family she knows little about just for money or should she walk away before she falls in too deep? Taking the former, she soon finds herself plunged into a scheme of deception and family lies that could very well end up with her death. Especially when Aurora’s best friend begins to haunt Eve’s stay with the family and she learns of Elizabeth’s gruesome death! Should she risk everything to find the truth about a series of suspicious suicides when she herself is an intruder? Or has karma finally come back to the family who betrayed one of their own?
This book I have to admit was pretty amazing!! The mystery in all parts of the story was so thrilling! So many questions go through your mind while reading the book! Is Aurora really dead? How did Liza die because she obviously did not kill herself despite police reports!  What’s up with Coralee? Okay speaking of her, I have to say that at some point she did become sort of annoying until you find out the truth about her connection to Aurora. But the amount of lies, manipulation and hunger for money that goes on in this elite family is enough to leave anyone dizzy!
The novel is written is such a way that every chapter seems to end with more questions so you really can’t help but keep reading all in one go! It’s very interesting to watch Eve adapt to the elite lifestyle and try to learn about the people around her. What’s pretty cool is that the readers are sort of led to expect Eve and Bain to end up together but when it doesn’t happen you’re sort of left to wonder why… but then a huge bomb is dropped towards the end that leaves you gasping for breath!
This single young adult fiction novel is definitely a must read for mystery fanatics!
The only thing I have to say is that despite the great plot twists and ideas, the fillers in between waiting for the truth to be revealed or the mystery to be solved did tend to drag a little and did get a little bit tiring at one point but apart from that it was great!
So for that I’d give it 4 out of 5!


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