Gone series by Micheal Grant

Possibly one of the best book series I have ever had the pleasure of reading! This nail-biting, hair-raising young adult fiction series is one that once started, I guarantee will have you reading well into your bedtime!
Poof! No blast of magic, no distant cry of war…just poof! And all of a sudden, everyone over 15 years of age in Perdido Beach California has disappeared and Sam Temple is flung at the reins of a chaotic world where children alone exist! The whole bay is engulfed by a dome with no way in or out. Imagine a world with no adults. Sounds like fun and games until you think about it. The world had been going on its merry way until all of a sudden they just…vanished! Who’s going to ration the food when 8 year olds are raiding the stores? who’s going to take care of the babies left alone in their prams in the hundreds of houses? Who’s watching the gang members access knives and weapons now left unattended? NO ONE! And to top it off some of the inhabitants of the FAYZ (fallout alley youth zone) as the area is nicknamed, have begun to mutate and acquire powers never heard of before!
If that is not the plot for a brilliant masterpiece then I don’t know what is!
So the first book ‘Gone” began with Sam Temple being flung at the reins of the world with no adults. Being one of the oldest in the town and after an incident where he saved a girl from a burning building, he was basically looked up to, to get everyone out of the mess they were in. Sam finds himself being one of the few in the area to have acquired powers; the power of light to be precise, along with various other kids with the powers of speed and strength. So when the town is threatened by a divide between those with powers and those without, everyone looks to Sam for guidance not knowing that he is fighting with the demons within himself.
When Caine, Diana, Drake and their band of misfit rich kids descend from the secluded school on Clifftop, to Perdido Beach, things take a turn to the worst. Caine’s hunger for power and his supreme ego does nothing to sooth the town of frightened children as he demands to be put into power using fear and blackmail as propaganda. With Diana’s ability to sense the power of the freaks and Drake’s bullying, perverted mind set they easily ascend to power with promises of a better life for the frightened children in need of a father-figure.
Will Sam, Astrid, and Edilio be able to protect the town from the threats of Caine and Drake or will the pressure be too much for the 14 year olds. And will the prospects of mutated flying snakes and talking coyotes add to the threats that just keep pilling?
In the second installment, ‘Hunger’ the title basically sums it up! The dome surrounding the FAYZ lets nothing in and nothing out so when food begins to run out in Perdido Beach you can be sure that people are going to start getting worried…and hungry. Despite resisting his rise to leadership, its still up to Sam and the self elected town council to find a plan to ration the food and find more before the number of sick and dead begin to escalate. The problem is that everyone wants to be fed and taken care of but no one wants to work the fields or help for themselves. Understandable though considering the farmers fields are plagued by flesh eating worms who devour any who step foot on their land!
Despite the fact that Caine’s undying persistence for power is not helping the situation and his threats for violence only add oil to the fire, a new, quiet threat is growing unbeknownst to Sam and his crew… and unimaginable danger far worse than anyone anticipates is feeding off of the power of the freaks and now has Drake under its control. Fueled by the power of the Darkness Drake is propelled to defeat the ones with the most power…Sam and Caine.
Can these two unit in battle to save those they love and the innocents around them?  When death surrounds those far too young to deal with it, these children will grow up far before their time…
‘Lies’ is the third book in the series and it definitely has as much juice and nail-biting action as the first two.
Seven months have passed since the adults went poof! And a midst the smoke and flames of a burning Perdido Beach, Sam’s greatest foe is back from the dead and life keeps getting worse and worse. With Astrid revolting against the town council , with the human crew against the mutants, and rumors of escape fogging the air, with Caine and Diana nowhere to be found, will anyone survive to see the road out of hell? They say death is the only way out of the FAYZ, but are the children desperate enough to die for freedom?
And no one none notices the young disabled boy sitting in the corner. Little Pete plays his game…but is it just a game?
I didn’t want to spoil each book for you all but I think a summary of the first three give you an idea of the action packed plots you’re in for. Stephen King said that he loved the books and THAT is something!
Each book is very powerfully described, so well in fact that you feel yourself in every characters shoes all at once! All the emotion is very vivid and I think the depths and layers of each character is very well exposed all in due time of course. And it’s great at the same time painful to watch the characters morph from the innocents they were in book one to the people they had no choice but to become! I like the fact that every character is very different in their strengths and tolerance for the non-stop hell on earth unfolding around them and its great to read about how they cope with everything.
The plot twists are relentless! The kids don’t have time to breath before something else comes crashing down on them! There’s always a new threat to keep everyone on their toes and its not like when one threat is defeated another rises, no no no, one threat left, one threat right and if you defeat the one in the center, well there’s another waiting behind it!!  There’s never a moment when you’re left thinking how something could have been more exciting because everything is so well thought out in a chaotic manner!
The fact that not once does anyone know what’s going on outside the dome is what made me read more. If from the beginning the author had told us in black and white there would have been no fun! But he teases us with speculation by the inhabitants of the FAYZ  but never once hints or gives us a clue of which one is true. And its not until the very last book that you find out OOOOOHHH THAT’S what happened!! And that is what is amazing about these books!!
My only one tiny little critique goes to the girls in the book. They were made to seem quite weak in my opinion and as not being able to handle the pressure as well as the guys could and I find that unfair! The only girls who fended for themselves were Brianna the Breeze and Lana who were by far the strongest and most unafraid! Go girls!
Other than that… a definite 5 out of 5!


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