Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Anna Whitt truly believes she’s in for a normal life right up until her best friend Jay takes her to see the rock band Lascivious where she first lays eyes on the heartthrob Kaiden Rowe. Immediately overpowered by her curiosity to make the acquaintance of the boy with the devil-may-care smile, little does she know that all she’s doing is plunging herself into a world she had forsaken years before. After discovering her true identity as the daughter of the Duke of Substance Abuse and the duties she was born to fulfill in the name of Lucifer, she realizes her life has changed forever! Joined by Kaiden; the son of lust, and his merry band of Nephilim, together they must search for the truth behind Anna’s birth in order to bring to the forsaken children, the promised land long awaited!
Sweet Evil
Let me start by saying that if the name Kaiden Rowe doesn’t make you want to read on, then there must be something a little bit off! From the very beginning its very obvious how Anna and Kaiden are going to be our main couple in the story. However, what is great is that we don’t anticipate the twists and turns that come with that! There are 12 Dukes of Lucifer in total all charged with ensuring mayhem on earth until Lucifer is let free. These Dukes throughout the years have had to have children to whom they can teach their evil ways. Kaiden has lived his whole life following his fathers wishes in corruption but when he meets Anna its all he can do to stay away from her to prevent from stealing her innocence! On top of that, Anna is the chosen one on a quest to bring forth the day of judgement to all those who deserve it, so you can see how all that could hinder a perfect relationship!
While those two generally bring forth very intense scenes, it’s the other characters that bring in the humour of the story. The dialogue between all the characters together is what brings the story to life as the author is very successful is describing the small details which are usually left unsaid about facial expressions or emotions visible through the eyes.
This is one of those books that I could not let myself put down because I was always dying to know what happened next! With Belial (Anna’s father) being one of the good guys (colour-me-confused-too), and never knowing who’s on the winning side and who’s not going to betray the other and plans of war and death and snippets of swoon-worthy moments in between, it’s a lot to keep up with and that’s what makes this story all the more intriguing!
The ending as well was very thought-provoking as despite having lost a lot of what she thought she would have, our protagonist is still strong and ready to face the dangers that await in the second book (which I am definitely going to read)!!
A definite 5 out of 5!


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