Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ok so I have to say that the second installment to the Lux series  did not disappoint!
Katy finds herself falling harder in love with the Luxen alien Daemon Black but refuses to acknowledge their bond. Meanwhile changes have begun to occur within Katy’s body unbeknownst to her. As she realizes what she is becoming she decides she no longer wants to sit on the sidewalk and watch her life pass her by but she wants to be able to protect the ones she loves so she seeks the help of the new kid in town Blake who seems to be just like her… (what that means I won’t spoil for you) But despite Daemon’s premonition about Blake and Katy’s suspicions of her mother’s new boyfriend Will, Katy continues as if nothing is until it is too late. Will she ever be able to regain the trusts of those she betrayed?

Alright first let me mention that I love this book cover! Its not only sexy but sort of dark at the same time!
The introduction of two new characters does much to spice up the drama of the book. Blake enrolls in high school and seems to be just a normal boy with a crush on our dear Kat. Dr.Will becomes Katy’s mother’s new boyfriend and seems to be taking over her father’s place! But as we all know things are never as they seem and things get extremely exciting, unexpected and OMGish towards the end when…well I won’t spoil it for you all!
Unfortunately, the plot does end with the demise of one of the characters which i suppose despite being heartbreaking was necessary for the spice of the story! However the author does not leave us feeling down especially when we all thought hope was lost, she definitely kicks us with an epic ending!!
I really loved the fact that the scenes of love, battle, and pain are all very well described and vivid and i could actually feel the pain that the characters were feeling! (Either that or I’m overly dramatic but I’m going with the first choice)
After reading the first book i actually thought that the second one could not possibly be THAT great but it definitely surpassed my expectations!!
A definite 5 out of 5!


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