Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Well when I was deciding which book to review first I only found it fitting to share with you guys a book about a book blogger! Here it is:
Like us Katy is obsessed with books and reading until her father dies and she moves to a small town in West Virginia with her mother! There, she becomes neighbors with the elusively attractive twins Dee and Daemon Black. Dee and Katy become fast best friends and Daemon overprotective trait does nothing to scare her away. As she is sucked deeper into their world (and the oh-so-sexy Daemon’s heart) she finds out that nothing is at it seems. Spending more and more time with the twins and their entourage leaves her less and less space to run if everything comes crashing down. The twin’s secret is out of this world (LITERALLY) as they are truly a group of light aliens whos’ planet was destroyed. The Luxen are peaceful visitors of earth but their evil counterparts; the Arum search to eat the essence of the Luxen and take over the humans. Once Katy finds out about their powers, the dangers surrounding the Luxen become hers to bear to. Will Katy survive against the darkness of the Arum and the threat of the Department of Defense (DOD)!!

This book not only has an array of characters to fall in love in but it’s sort of different in terms of story line. Yes Nowadays we’re bombarded by the supernatural genre but an alien story is not one you come across THAT often! ‘The Host’ was great but this story is a different experience altogether.
I’ll start of with the characters. Each one is given a different depth and there’s none of the characters that one would actually hate. Despite each characters ulterior motives there is definitely a sense of loyalty behind every ones actions. I find the characters have a certain elusiveness that leaves the locals awed by them yet somewhat fearful which reminds me of the Cullens from Twilight! And we all know how successful that was!!
I must say I’m a sucker for the epic romance story. At first the guy pushes the girl away even though he’s secretly falling for her and the girl falls in love with him non the less and after an epic battle they profess their love. The author expresses that really well between Katy and Daemon but I’ve seen it time and time again now and I felt it was kind of predictable. I’m not saying I don’t love the scenes of passion and romantic dialogue because I do, I just hope the second book brings in a twist to their love.
The plot is really enticing as the preliminary threats are defeated and the protagonists learn what they are really up against!. The twist at the end leaves the readers asking a lot of questions about what could be happening to our main characters but in an great way that leaves us waiting to read the next book!
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!!
Can’t wait to finish the next installment!!

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