15 things they don’t tell you about University

If university is the path for you, you’ll probably have some expectations and some preconceptions. These will most likely be from what you’ve seen in movies or the wild stories your parents, older siblings or friends may have shared with you.

The truth is, everyone’s experience is completely unique and no one can prepare you for what are going to be the most formative years of your life. There are also some things that people conveniently forget to mention about university.

I thought you should know a thing or two (or 15) before you jump into the deep end.

15 things they don’t tell you about university

  1. You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life and it’s okay if you’re completely lost. Fact is, everyone is probably just as lost as you.

2. There are hundreds of other people at your university so even though it might be lonely at first, don’t be in a rush to make friends. Take your time, talk to everyone and be friendly and then you’ll find the ones who will stay with you till the end #qualityoverquantity

3. Books are EXPENSIVE! And 99.9% of the time you actually don’t need to buy first-hand textbooks. Find a university forum and look for older students who are looking to sell their second hand ones, so long as these are in good condition

4. Sleep is important, you do NOT have to study 24/7 and exhaust yourself

5. At the start, you will call your parents every day and forget how to function as an adult… ‘Mum! Is my dinner meant to look like this??’

6. You will shrink your clothes in the dryer or die your clothes another colour in the common laundromat at least once

7. A lot of your professors and lecturers will ask that you call them by their first name

8. Through your course guest lectures, you could get to see some pretty cool people, ie politicians, scientists, judges and Bill Gates

9. You’ll hear and use the word ‘networking’ enough times to make you never want to hear the word again

10. STDs are very common among university students, always be safe

11. The uni will encourage you to make a CV, so you’ll want to make a CV, but you don’t even have a job yet… that’s what you’re here to try and get, yet you still need a CV and a million years work experience to get work experience. Everyone else finds it stressful too

12. 65% on a test is great! Don’t compare it to your 85-98% in levels

13. Flat parties are messy and exactly as roudy as in the movies. If you’re hosting, be ready for sticky floors, people passed out in your room and potentially having to deal with security

14. Those years of your life will go by super fast. Sure, it’s about the degree and the learning but make time for the fun, travelling and socialising (however you prefer doing each of these) because that’s what will really stay with you forever

15. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not to please other people. Be your shameless self and know that if the people you want to be your friends don’t accept you exactly the way you are, they weren’t meant to be your friends.

Sit back, grab some Oreos and let’s see what life has to offer us next.




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