Hi, I'm Vadz

Alongside living a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle, I've crafted a passion for telling stories, experiencing cultures and eating plenty of food along the way.


Why am I here? 

I believe in the power of everyday magic and appreciation for the little things both within and around us. My goal is to reconnect you to your magicRead more...


What do I hope to achieve?

This blog is filled with my travel diaries, healthy recipes I enjoy, my journey through minimalism and sustainability and the musings of a 21st century girl living her truth and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. I hope that when you leave any of these pages, you've found something to make you smile, to inspire you, to help you or simply to entertain.

I can't wait to see what life has to offer us next.

What's hot on the blog


Simple & sustainable travel guides by an adventurous 20 something wandering around the world to visit the global family of mankind


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Maybe you're not walking into your living room tripping over your stuff but do you sometimes feel that you might have too much stuff? Of course you want to do your part for the environment but there's so much you can do, where do you start?

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Conscious Eating Recipes

Maybe you're the experimental type, maybe you're jumping on the conscious eating bandwagon and you're becoming more conscious about what we put into our bodies.

A little collection of my favourite recipes to help you in making conscious food choices and reconnecting to our bodies through food